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effect of Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate/Sodium bicarbonate on the rate of photosynthesis

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Hi, i'm investigating the effects of Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate (also known as sodium bicarbonate) on the rate of photosynthesis. Please explain how sodium carbonate affects the rate of photosynthesis. If possible , please help me design an experiment to test this given the the following materials:


1.Fresh leaves of plants

2.a bottle of 5mol concentration of sodium hydrogencarbonate solution

3. stop watch

4.plastic straw

5.cork borer

6. torch light as light source

7. dark cloth

8. large syringe

9. 6 x 100mL measuring cylinder

10. Forceps


Thank you and regards

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This is not a place where you come and have other people do your homework for you. Devise your own hypothesis and experiment, and we can give you advice on it.

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though this is like homework question, while if we just with this objecting his question may be it is a bit impolite. for me, it is acceptable to tell what's the role of bicarbonate in human-aided photosynthesis while I on the other hand would like you to try to complete the experiment design yourself.

bicarbonate, that is, HCO3- is a chemical which would supply photosynthetic organism with carbon dioxide as a raw material.

by HCO3- --> OH- + CO2

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i was thinking of doing that same thing but my teacher suggested that i look at C4 plants

-all i can find are grasses and corns


will a bean plant work (is that even C4? i can't find much cause i don't understand it)? but i wasn't thinking of doing what spitfire wanted - i was thinking about growing them over a period of time and adding a bit of bicarb to the water whihch i'll water them with to see if diff amounts will make them grow fast or not.


can anyone help?


will it work?


what's Lepton mean? next to my name?

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