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Tell us about your projects and your plans.


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A project is not the same as an experiment. In a project, you work towards a pre-defined goal. Any project in any science is welcome here. If you have built a nice device, have written a nice piece of software, or have achieved a nice result after a thorough investigation, please let us know about it.


In this section we do not want oneliners like "I have built a rocket, look how awesome it is". Threads on projects should give detailed descriptions on how you proceeded, such that others can benefit from the info. Discussions on how to achieve a certain goal also are very helpful. Helping each other with projects adds even more fun to working on them.


I also want to add that this should not become a place with just a lot of links to other sites. What we want to see here is discussion of YOUR projects and the things which really raise YOUR interest.

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