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So, I have to create a question in relation to vector components and figured before I go to do the tedious work in which my teacher has asked of us (anwsering the question using a scale vector diagram, algebraic method, and component vectors), I thought I would ask if the question is capable of being anwsered. The requirements of the question involve it being non-co-linear, no right angles, and determining a change in acceleration.... So, this is what I produced:



Othello went to an abandoned soccer pitch one evening to hit some golf balls. The soccer pitch is 300 yards in length with houses on its receiving end. Bob, unconcerned with the possibility of striking a house, hits a golf ball at an initial velocity of 148m/h [North] and an angle of 45 Degree’s, which inevitably hits a house, producing a velocity of 46m/h [East] after ricocheting of a house at an angle of 120 degrees. Determine the average acceleration of the golf ball over the interval, assuming that air resistance is negligible.


Is this attemptable or incoherent? And if so, would it be very difficult to do the calculations?

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