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Hi, i am khalid from pakistan. I am member of the Royal Society of Chemistry. I am 17 yrs old and an A'levels student. Any one who wishes to share their problems in chemistry at the level mentioned would be welcomed. i must tell for Indians and American the A'levels is the F.S.C level or else the Ist year.


Any one who wishes to know about the Royal Society of Chemistry which is a leading organisation in Europe for the asvancement of Chemical sciences is aslo welcome and i would appreciate the move if any 1 wants to become its member.


I do wish 2 see a positive replies from u ppl.


Khalid (ChemSiddiqui)

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Hey thnx 4 that i would like any 1 at all to present Me some problem and i shall be able 2 help any 1. i do appreciate u saying that i can disscuss problems but my dear i want problem with the realted level that is A'levels.


So any 1 interested would be welcome.


Any way Thnx 4 ur support.



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no dear, this is not true it is open for any one willing to join. U see i am only an A'levels student ands till i have the membership. Those who are undergraduate can get membership as an 'Affiliate'. so if u r interested u can either go to the website or simply i will arrange it 4 u. U will have 2 have a referre who knows about your life etc.


the website is as thus:



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