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well there`s the old classic of making your own Aspirin, but that`s kinda Boring as you can`t test it.

how about making Soap? simple saponification.

Estrification`s good too (as mentioned above), choose carfull and you`ll get the smells they can Identify with, Cherry`s good, as used in Cherry Coke.


organic metal salts, like Barium, or Strontium benzoates mixed with an oxidiser and burned is also neat to watch (KClO3 is the best Ox choice).


Glow Sticks?

making Nylon?


there`s alsorts :)

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Why not make nylon, that is quite fun.


Yeah that reaction is so cool, i saw it when they had a solution of sebacoylchloride(that is the 6-carbon long dicarboxylic acid with chlorine in place of hydrogen in the hydroxide group right?) and 1,6-diaminohexane. Nylon fibers are formed and with a glass stick you roll up a thread of nylon from the solution, that was really amazing (thanks dorothers!) . But if acetic anhydride is hard to find, shouldn't the ingredients for nylon be too? at least so they seem.


I think its the most amazing example of polymerization.

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