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Just a fraction of my Original self.

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at what point do we cease to exist?


Imagine you have both you`re arms and legs removed, you`re still YOU.

now take away parts bit at a time (you can even try picutre this in your own head) at what point do you seem to die?

This is VERY difficult for me to explain, but I can do it mentaly, remove parts of me untill I die (mentaly).


Kids, do NOT try this at home :)


i get to about my upper chest region, then somehow I can`t seem to envisage any life that is mine.


ok so that was the Physical side of things... how about the Brain?


how much can be cut away before you "Lose Yourself" and cease to be you? The YOU thats reading this and THINKING right now.


at what point are YOU! on the tip of a surgeons scalpel?



ok, it might all sound a bit Greusome and ugly, but it`s certainly a fascinating thought (if only to me alone). though I`m sure others here have considered or thought the same :)

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