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study chemistry here?


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i'm chinese.how to use this forum very well.well.i study english 2 years.study science 4 moths.but i'm very clever(other person said that.i think i'm not clever enough)well.i skip 3 grades.only use 4 moths i study all of them about science. that's cool.but now.i'm not k.so.i study very slowly now.how to use the forums help with me study.well.my english is not good enough.so i think i need some one help me to study.i have rich imaganation on science as ainstain though i study science i only 4 moths.but i know a lot.i know the spirit of science.not study science.need rich imagination.help.aim sn is acerateactl.icq.a few time sign on it.acerateact@aim.com

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I'm used to reading non-native English. (I work with it quite frequently). Basically, he's saying that he needs some help in chemistry but that English is not his native language so things are a bit tough. He would like it if someone would be able to 'tutor' him in chemistry. So if anybody knows of ANY chinese text chemistry sites, you should post them here.

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