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Interspecies breeding


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In order for interspecies breeding to occur, does the number of chromosomes have to match? How are the nucleotides in the genes restructured? Can anyone explain what happens during interspecies breeding with examples?(eg: ligers) Thank you.

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interspecies breeding is usually rare animals, but not so rare in plants, the process is known as hybridization. However, fertile plants can only be produced if the chromosome set is a multiple of 2, eg tetraploids, diploids. However, if its an odd #, then it is possible for the plants to asexually re-produce (ie kariba weed).

As to the exact mechanisms, I've no clue.

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Well, sometimes animals with different chromosome numbers can reproduce, but the hybrids are sterile (mules are an example of this). In order for there to even be a chance of a fertile hybrid, the chromosome numbers must be the same.


However, even if the chromosome numbers are right, other mechanisms at the molecular, genetic, behavioral, or anatomical levels may prevent hybridization.



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