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They are already among us .

Mark Gregson

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I was watching an episode of ancient aliens and conspiracy theory came up , all sorts of theories  but none of them spoke truth .  It is my belief that we as humans are directly associated with aliens through genetic manipulation , it is my theory that that is actually where we came from . Oh yes the evolutionary scale is the foundation of our existence but what I believe was left out is just that , we where created by extraterrestrials and now they are coming to earth to check up on their creation . I also believe that religion came some time later in an attempt to through us off the track of the truth , now today there is talk on the show saying the us government is behaving complicit with extraterrestrials to obtain other world technologies for their aircraft and probably their weaponry as well . visitation from aliens has been happening for years , its only recently thanks to other people coming out that all this stuff is being forced into the light . 

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