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Astronomer finds potential origin of the famous WOW! signal

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*The Wow signal lasted just 72 seconds and was 'unusual' and has yet to be traced
*This led many to theorise the signal came from an intelligent alien civilisation
*Amateur astronomer Alberto Caballero has been searching the Gaia catalogue
*This catalogue contains details on 1.3 billion stars from around the universe
*He found a Sun like star in the region of space the signal is known to originate

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-8985997/Amateur-astronomer-traces-possible-source-notorious-WOW-signal.html

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There is no way to know where the signal came from.  Whether there is a star somewhere that was bombarded by meteors for 72 seconds and emitted a strange signal OR an alien spaceship flew by and had some engine trouble for 72 seconds.  There is no way to confirm where the signal came from, until another signal comes along.

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