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How we nkow if A.I singularity, has already happened?

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Doe we have any method to know if a super intelligent A.I, has been created ??

How we would even realize if the singularity in artificial intelligence has already happened ?

We all know that A.I is already surrounding us, and is part of everything we make nowadays. its an environment that lives in every aspect of our reality, its being use for a couple years now to predict pandemics like the ones in argentina and Chile, previous of this corona virus. It is also used in cameras to predict suspicious behavior of individuals in crowds. And also its being recommend us what Netflix show or movie we might like...... It has been also advising us what president we might vote.... or, even how the world should evolve.

This field, goes beyond our understanding, and we have already realized that the difference between a A.I and WE HUMANS, is that we are capable of making choices based on empathy, moral, ethics and in the consequences of our actions in others...

A.I is a great tool, but we have placed our blind trust in it, our intelectual laziness has guided us to that. we want something that is capable of doing anything for us and better than us..

And at the end of the day, it might be doing exactly that....

The time in which we are living is extremely weird, we have faced tones of incredible scenarios in this 2020, pandemics, social injustice, political inequality, murdering, imposition, lost of the freedom, and much more.... 

How we even know that all of this is not created by a super intelligent A.I that is exactly doing what we programmed it for.... to save our planet, change our lives, draw a better future ?? how we know that this is not happening ?? or how we are going to know when it happens....  What if the best solution for the A.I to achieve what we have asked her to do is just wiping us out?. What if we are already in the beginning of a complex schedule of a super intelligent A.I to achieve its goal ? 

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