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Your opinion on best ways/places to source glassware?

Bruh Momentum

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Basically, because of current events, I've started doing a lot of amateur chemistry again. Although I already posess a reasonable amount of just basic glassware (beakers, erlenmeyers, volumetric flasks, yadayada), I really lack a lot of the glassware I can usually access. Kinda hard to do any organic chem without even being able to set up a reflux ;).

Since I've been sort of out of the loop for a little while now, and things have really changed since I was a teen... Where do y'all buy glassware online nowadays?

What type of source/place would you recommend for cheap/$hit tier glassware for potential sacrifices to the gods of chem and what places would you recommend for proper borosilicate glass? (Bonus points if you know of some good places in Quebec, Canada!)

Any kind of information is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance <3

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