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Heterozygote and Homozygote

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Hello! I know the rules from Mendel, but sometimes it’s not that easy. 

1. Example: which hair Color the baby will have if: the Wife is brown-haired and her whole family is brown-haired too. Her Partners hair is Blond and the parents from him have blond hair. The woman is homozygous and dominant and the man is homozygous and recessive, right? I have read that the offspring of these two can only have the dark traits as phenotype and are a carrier of the blonde recessive gene (the offspring will be Heterozygotes and have 100% the dark traits from the mother but can pass the blonde recessive genes to their offspring then). Is this true? I mean I think that I have seen this combinations of the partners but they have blond offspring..

2. Let me make the case a little more complicated: if the woman is dominant (dark haired) and homozygote like in first case, and her man is heterozygote (his phenotype is brown haired but he carries the blond gene “silent“) .... so the children will be what? Heterozygote like in the First case? Really? But in the first case the man is fully recessive blond homozygote (=“more blond”) why then it’s the same like in the second case?and why the offspring in the first case can’t be blond?(why it isn’t 50/50) 

and in second case it must be 75% / 25% according to MY logics.

the same question is with recessive blue eyes, it is then the same as with the hair ? 


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