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So im a airsofter and a photographer as hobbies and i have used smoke in back grounds and in games from time to time. Now the problem is that the mix for makeing smoke pellits burns very hot and is not very safe so i was wondering is any of you know of a way i can get a colder reaction as not to have it ignite fully ?

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The first that comes to mind is the regular smoke machines that are used in clubs and parties. Those are not as hot, are not very dangerous and can be turned on and off at will. Seems ideal for you?

You can also use a search engine to look for mist makers. These are tabletop gadgets that make a little mist. Some can be so small that they can be integrated in a small scale decor for a tabletop roleplaying game.

Finally, some people use frozen CO2 (dry ice) to create "smoke". It has the benefit to stay close to the ground, giving a spooky feel to it. Essentially, you locally make air very cold so that the water in the air condenses and form a very small fog. Cold air is denser, so that's why it sticks to the ground. Not sure at what scale you need the smoke, and whether people need to stand in it. CO2 comes with some safety issues (it can be toxic at higher concentrations!!) so be careful with it if you make it big.

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