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Wave Interactions and Ray Deflection Instance Types Reached Through Deduction in Measurement

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This is something I have been building on for about 3 years or so now, originally as a part of a proof for a solution to the Navier-Stokes Equations and Smoothness problem; to give a simple summary, deflections between ray instances in wave fronts must fall into a specific category based on ray-to-ray angle for a ray deflection instance, simply assuming 3-dimensional Euclidean space with time, and would include (and from what I understand, can only include):

Front to Front Wave Deflection Instances:

- Shared Linear Trajectory Infinitesimal Wave Front Section

- Acute

- Obtuse

- Near Shared Angle Infinitesimal Ray Pair

- Acute Ray Deflection Off Rear of Ray

And then a corresponding set of deflection instance types for Front to Rear Wave Deflections.

These deflection instance type result geometrically when we hypothetically assume a repulsion-exlusive model of physics, charge, and particle interactions - where, basically, whenever 'attraction' occurs between charged particles, it is actually manifesting geometrically from what are fundamentally repulsing deflections between wave fronts, and clockwise or counter-clockwise intrinsic coiling of wave fronts is responsible for charge.

I'll add more to this later, ran out of time to be able to finish the rest of this post right now

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