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Nuclear fusion in a fusor without inner grid?


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As you probable know, it's possible to achieve in a relatively easy way nuclear fusion with a Farnsworth-Hirsch fusor  . 

But because most of the ions fall into the wires of the inner grid (and electrons collide with the wall), these fusors suffer from high conduction losses and do unfortunately not produce net energy.

Would it be possible to design a new kind of fusor without this inner grid but that still confines the ions (and electrons) more or less in the centre?

To investigate this I made a simulation program and came up with the following design:


As you see in the image it consists of a vacuum chamber, a couple of charged rings and spheres at a contant voltage of about +/- 200 kV and a constant magnetic field of about 1 tesla .

The program uses Coulomb's law, Biot-Savart and leapfrog integration, and creates deuterium ions and electrons with speeds up to 3.5 E6 m/s more or less in the centre region. 

Result: the particles stay confined and the particles move more or less towards the centre in a kind of oscillating movement!

By the way, for fusion a mean speed of 2 E6 m/s is needed (according my information).

Unfortunately the computer program can only simulate a couple of hundred particles, whereas in reality there will be millions and millions (and millions..) more.

It would be interesting to do a real experiment and see what happens. Only it's a bit difficult for an amateur to realize these high voltages and this strong magnetic field.

For more info and calculations, see:  http://www.sem-fusor.com   http://www.valgetal.com/physics/Droomideeen/Droom11/Droom11.html

What do you think? Could this be finally a way to achieve "easy" nuclear fusion? Or something wrong with my calculations? How to proceed?

I would be glad to receive comments.

Thank you for your time.




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