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  1. :D


    Thanks for the laugh.



    Anyway, it's about self-confidence. In most situations, you are confident and comfortable, not worried about being judged. Usually, in those situations, you will even know you are being judged, but you're not concerned about your performance or ability, also not concerned about any consequences of poor performance, so you shrug it off. This is what happens when you're around friends or other people.


    In front of an attractive girl, however, you do care about rewards for positive performance and consequences for negative performance. Not only that, but you get this slurry of hormones and chemicals in your brain that turn you into a blathering idiot (at least, that's how it worked for me!).


    Long story short, you need to be confident in yourself and recognize that these attractive girls are just people too, facing many of the same anxieties and questions that you have. Treat them no differently than you would the rest of your friends.


    The truth is, most of it just comes with time and practice. Practice is key, so don't give up, but also be patient with yourself. If you're lucky, you WILL make mistakes... that way, you have something to learn from for future attempts.



    Have fun. :)


    Excellent answer, thank you

  2. Is there a scientific explanation for this cause? What exactly happens to our body that causes us to act strangely around them, and in some cases tend to avoid them (ie: sit farther away from them in class out of fear).


    The reason I ask is because around all my friends and their female friends I really have an outgoing personality. But when a girl I'm really attracted to is around/watching/in the conversation I start feeling slightly stiff and I get much, MUCH more quiet than I normally do


    So why does it happen and what can be done about it? Why do the most outgoing people go through this as well? I don't think the "you just dont wanna look stupid!" answers will suffice, because I know there is more to it than that, particularly because if I did a speech in front of the class it feels LESS awkward.


    Is it because we're not prepared with things to say? Probably not...considering we're just so attracted to them that even being prepared with something wont help....


    Any ideas?

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