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  1. Nice point, however, do you think "Zombies" will ever exist? Pr-Ir-Fe-Cr alloy can create a nice Durable knife, I'm not aiming for a filleting knife, I'm aiming to make a knife set that has a Bread Knife,Cleaver,Chef's Knife,Fork Knife, Steak Knife, Bagel Knife, Utility Knife and so on. I'm aiming for a right,expensive,special,durable sharp alloy that I can use as a B-Day gift. I already talked to my dad's employees and they suggested some mixtures, however, I would still want somemore opinions and advices since it's a special knife set. Thank you for that link.
  2. Normal rabies exist and they can be transmitted to humans and the normal strain symptoms are real symptoms not made up, so actually I'm not making things up for rabies do exist and it can be transmitted from dogs to humans. Almost every virus can be altered, engineered and they can also evolve. How for example do I know how they can't get into our bunker? Well first of all it's German-Made second of all well what I'm preparing for are rabid humans so they basically retain all their physical abilities, however, their mental health is unstable. plus if our bunker can withstand a nuclear blast then it can most definitely withstand a Rabid Apocalypse.
  3. Well my plan is to hide in our bunker for 1 year then use my dad's stuff to liberate the post-apocalyptic world and rebuild from the ashes using not only guns but also Zombies if they ever become true Zombie = New form of Man Rabies = same human organ function except for a big change in mental health = aggravated, illogical, wild, infectious humans Normal Strain Symptoms Paralysis, anxiety, insomnia, confusion, agitation, abnormal behavior, paranoia, terror, and hallucinations, progressing to delirium New Strain Symptoms Anxiety, insomnia, confusion, agitation, abnormal behavior, paranoia, terror, and hallucinations, and other possible causes may be New strains of Toxoplasmosis and Prions or new kinds of Hallucinogens and NeuroToxins that may cause the said symptoms above. The universe is filled with a lot of undiscovered materials so you never say that zombies are impossible. Another thing,can anyone tell me how I can edit a forum title?
  4. Clearly the maker/editor of that image is biased. He/she only showed an exaggerated image of religion. If I may ask...who believes in God here in this forum?
  5. No,however there is no harm in being prepared especially when the world is very messy.
  6. 200 sq. m one story garden with 4 rooms (each room has 50 sq. m of gardening space) so pretty much I can modify the environment depending on the requirements of the herbs. Well I have a Tibetan Mastiff, it's kinda hard to raise it here cause of the warm climate that's why he's in Baguio City most of the time, I have lots of dogs however they won't be a big factor for the Garden is off limits to them. The climate's warm cause I live in a tropical country (Philippines). Thanks for the suggestions I'll be sure to plant them as soon as I finish my homeworks thanks a lot !
  7. So far I planted: Ipomoea aquatica also known as Chinese Spinach and Kangkong Sweet basil (don't know the Scientific name for it) Scallions Thymes Myrica pensylvanica also known as bayberry and a few more herbs like oregano anyways I would like to ask for suggestions on what to plant next beside the herbs stated above, it would be appreciated if anyone would share their favorite herb.
  8. I wasn't talking about dragons and magic...yes I can afford enough to create a doll house and yes I can pay for metallurgical advice (well my father can afford it) however I still like to get suggestions from an open source of ideas like forums and that's why I post here and ask for advice.
  9. Electroplating steel with iridium would only create a layer of iridium,so when the layer of iridium is gone you only get steel. However if you alloy iridium with other metals such as gold, iron, chromium and carbon you get a great knife. Gold Golden color Carbon Increased edge retention and tensile strength Increases hardness, tensile strength, and toughness. Chromium Provides resistance to wear and corrosion. More than 11% makes it "stainless", by causing an oxide coating to form. Iron Acts as an extender (You don't expect me to have a knife made out of pure iridium?) Anyways I'm thinking of just making a Platinum-Iridium alloy knife set So are you saying that you are closing your "doors" to any possibility for any kind or form of a "Zombie" like infection to ever exist?
  10. I thought people like us should always keep an open mind on these things? it's not really far from happening, I'm not talking about reanimating the dead and blood less moving bodies, I'm talking about a new kind of prion disease that makes infected humans and animals act Zombie-Like. They are just like us only they attack un-infected people. I'm not gonna ask my dad to waste 100k for a Pure Iridium knife and I'd rather keep the budget for the knife at a maximum of $10k USD. What about a Diamond edged knife? Thanks
  11. My sister's B-Day is coming up and I want to surprise her by forging a Meteor Knife Set for her (I'm not really gonna be the one to forge it,I'll just buy the materials and give my dad's bladesmith the design for the Knives.) My dad gave me a relatively medium stock of metals last year and now I want to use most of it for my sister. I need suggestions on how much Iridium,Platinum,Iron,Chromium,Nickel and Carbon I need to create a very great, very strong and corrosive resistant knife set, any suggestions? I already bought a diamond hone knife sharpener for the knife set. One more thing,What's the best kind of light weight knife I can use when a Man Rabies (Zombie) infection breaks? cause I want my knives and blades to be hand forged using Top-Quality materials. Most survival sites are full of BS so I'll just stick to science.
  12. Why don't you just read? or research or be active instead of trying to hallucinate?
  13. Expenses will never be a problem for me. My only problem is getting accepted because I have no extra curricular activity that can help me get accepted. My parents said "Don't go to UPD" too risky, my parents are overprotective and UPD just had a student suicide issue right now. Can I still get accepted in MIT with only perfect grades and perfect SAT results? if not where can I possibly get accepted for an undergrad course because right now my parents have a lot of issues with Philippine Universities and they are thinking of homeschooling me for college! which is a bad idea. I plan to study abroad and work here in the Philippines for my father's company.
  14. Is it enough to have 1 Computer Engineer,2 Software Engineers and 1 Astrophysicist cousins? or do I need a few more people for the project? 200k$? as in 200,000? I thought it was 400,000? I'll try to contact some people and hopefully 200k U.S. Dollars is the right price, gives me more funds for the rocket and the ground control station. Thanks for the replies and suggestions.
  15. It can only harness the power of a volcano but it does not stop it from erupting.
  16. My dad's a lawyer and my mom''s a psychologist both of them came from successful families so it is expected of me to achieve great things plus they are the best schools that can satisfy my hunger for knowledge.
  17. I'm just try to make a satellite that I can use for astronomy and hopefully I can launch 10 nano sats that I can use for research. I already thought about that and I think NovaNano might be just right for the job of launching the satellites
  18. I'll contact them and also coordinate the local authorities here. I might get into some trouble unless I'll ask my dad to us his connections to feature it in a T.V. Network, hopefully it would reduce the risk. I've already finished a ballistic camera satellite project and that's why I'm aiming for a geosynchronous satellite that I can use to study stars. India already launched a satellite while Philippines has only started building water rockets so I might need to create my own club. Also thanks for the tips I'll ask my dad if it's legal for me to launch a rocket here.
  19. I finished launching my first ever Space Camera and it was a success until my camera crashed and sunk into the deep waters of Manila Bay, I was lucky that my mom suggested to use a water proof casing for the camera which helped a lot. Now I'm aiming to launch a DIY amateur Space Satellite that I can use for...well confidential purposes and as a means of winning a competition and hopefully this might help me getting accepted in MIT or CalTech next year since I'm turning 16 and I ain't getting any younger. Funding isn't a problem thanks to my parents, it's the liability, I'm always afraid that it might somehow crash and damage building or other satellites because of miscalculation or because I failed to design it properly. I just thought of this just now and I'm kinda in the most early stages of building one or let alone design one.
  20. So you don't believe that the Catholic Church never influenced humanity in a good way? There is no evidence that Thor and Ra Exist/Existed, however there are a lot of evidence that Jesus existed though most likely you're kind of people would just treat these evidences as rubbish or invalid. Santa is Saint Nicholas so yeah he does exist.
  21. How old was he when he was accepted? Thanks, I'll be sure to try what you said though Psychology bores me sometimes, maybe it's just because my mom's a psychologist and she talks to me about her job almost everyday.
  22. It is true that almost every religion have loop holes but we shouldn't forget that religion also helped humanity excel and progress. Christianity guided most of the western European countries during the medieval ages. They gave people hope and helped them to be civil in their time. The fear of going to hell or purgatory also helped a lot of countries maintain order. Well said. Atheists deny that there is a God but they still consider that there are Life Forms outside earth and some of them believe the Big Bang Theory so why don't they consider that maybe God is another form of life who lives in a separate dimension who created the dense matter and made that dense matter to explode resulting into the creation of our universe?
  23. Given the fact that I am home schooled, even though I have perfect grades, I still need to get tons of extracurricular activities right? Any suggestions for any University where I might get accepted? so I can try to apply as a transfer student after a year? Thanks guys, I guess I need to perfect my first college year (If ever I get accepted), get ton of activities and hopefully discover something great. Since MIT and CalTech are somewhat impossible for me considering that I am home schooled Filipino what's the answer for Q2? Question 3: What's the difference between Software Engineering or Computer Engineering. I did a lot of research about these two courses but it's still pretty unclear for me. Hopefully there is a software engineer here who can tell me the difference.
  24. Name: John (It really is) Country: Philippines Religion: Roman Catholic Started High School in July 25 2012 (My B-day "1997") Estimated High School graduation date is July 25 2013 (Hopefully) School: IB,IS, U.S. Curriculum Career School (Homeschool) Brief description about me: Male who's not interested in men or women (I love knowledge better) Philippine Patriot Lazy when it comes to sports Industrious when it comes to Science and Knowledge Gathering I think I will always fail I try to rid myself of emotions Problems: I always get low grades on my exams and Ace+++ my review tests and Quizzes. My Psychologist told me that I only fail it because I'm too nervous and paranoid (she's 24 ._.) so she told me to relax and don't think to hard on myself. Something to say: As you can see I'm almost graduating and I still have problems with taking my examinations and I don't know why ._. I'm afraid to fail my exams for college cause I'm planning to go to CIT or MIT (California/Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and if I fail because of my emotions then it sucks. Question: 1. What's better between MIT/CIT when it comes to Chemical Engineering,Astrophysics,Nuclear Physics and Biological Engineering? 2. Any tips on how not to freak out on exams?
  25. I thought photons do not have mass? and that photons can never be at rest....
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