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  1. P.S.Star Wars has many movies and video games so it's a series
  2. IMO things with same name are the same series(eg.Star Trek) SUPERMAN and SMALLVILLE tell the same thing so they're same series and the Matrix has 3 movies so it's series
  3. human's brain grows very slowly after your age,15 years later you will just be as smart as now you are
  4. i should have checked them all and vote i missed the 1st 'Longer Average Lifespan (100+ Years) ' just because i thought it meant '+100 years'
  5. Star Trek is ONE series, not 5 series, OK? what a waste! STAR WARS, SUPERMAN/SMALLVILLE, the Matrix ain't there
  6. NO ONE LIVES FOREVER even if the technology is there, some disaster/accident could kill us too, and i don't want to live forever DEFINITELY, I am sure that's the most terrible thing in the world WE NEED TO DIE P.S.FEEL FREE TO EDIT MY POST IN ORDER TO ADJUST MY FONT SIZE
  7. On this point, i believe in Bush
  8. I've thought for about 20 seconds, but i will keep the answer, because revealing it will decrease others' fun CLUE 1: the use of the compass is to 'LOCK' the direction, or the point need more clue? let me know.
  9. i think you should tell your reason why you recommend it and it should be relative to some NEWS or EVENTS
  10. i don't think he would understand you i recommend him to study knowledge about vector from math books first
  11. maybe for 2-D figure, time is 3-D, for 3-D figure, time is 4-D, and for 4-D figure, time is 5-D we live in 3-D world so that time is 4-D, therefore we can't see 4-D figure
  12. i have been wondering 'whether fire is matter or energy' for years, this thread is relative StarCraft comes to mind(that's a video game) in StarCraft, PHOTON CANNON shoots 'PHOTON', it looks like energy more than matter because when the assault is over, we ain't able to find the 'PHOTON' any more, if it's matter we must be able to find the 'PHOTON'.
  13. if time doesn't exist, can we take time travel yet?~~~
  14. the Moon~~~but is it a star? if not, I will say the...Sun
  15. Really? In 20th century there already was AI REAL-TIME interpreter.
  16. Blizzard Entertainment is a famous video game company which belongs to Vivendi Universal. SC is short for StarCraft, in StarCraft there're 3 races:Zerg, Protoss, Terran WC is short for WarCraft, in WarCraft III there're 4 races:Night Elf, Undead, Human, Orc SC and WC are both Blizzard's games.
  17. just see how fast the IT industry is growing in the past 50 years Bill Gates said in 2010 computers would be out of date.(don't know whether he really said so)
  18. The human technology is growing very fast, much faster than we can imagine, so i think we can make it within 1 year i will make effort to help human beings 'conquer' the space
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