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  1. Right here But I do not like the UFC, I wish K-1 had bought Pride instead
  2. How do we know vick and his comrades were using pitbulls only? How do we know he did not stick in some helpless puppy, to train some dogs? I have a problem with any kind of animal fighting for entertainment: bullfighting, cockfighting, cricketfighting (yes it does happen)
  3. What do they do to the Veal cows then?
  4. If we regulated the hunting would you still have a problem
  5. I read an interesting thread on another forum about Mike Vick going to jail The threadstarter said that meat industry workers should also go to jail, because their livestock were also treated cruelly by them. What do you guys think? How are the animals treated on the big ranches? People on the other forum said they are being treated badly, but I cannot trust those people.
  6. If we can eat cows, then why not whales
  7. ^^^ Are you saying that the photon was already moving? In the very beginning some force must be acting on it right? What is that force?
  8. OK let me rephrase this questions How does a photon reach the speed of light? It just pops out of an atom when an electron changes levels right? it is a particle, so it must have received energy from something or somewhere. If something is moving some force must be acting on it to cause it to move. What causes photons to move at the speed of light?
  9. Is it possible to keep getting infinitely less or smaller? Like can you keep getting colder and colder or is there a limit? Or can matter be broken down into ever smaller pieces? And the amount of energy in a system get lesser and less without approaching zero?
  10. How does a photon gets its energy to travel at light speed? And if a photon can do it, why cant we?
  11. Do you need a college degree to become a contractor? Who actually figures out how to actually build the thing?
  12. what is the difference between civil engineer, architect, and contractor?
  13. the speed of light "changes" then in a cyclic fashion? I was referring to the measurement of the speed of light. So the speed of light actually does change depending on the observer is that it?
  14. i do not understand. If it was cyclic how could it give the illusion that it is constant
  15. I do not know when I punch a bag it feels much better bare fisted. The glove is meant to protect the hands, but I just do not see how. When I punch with a glove it hurts. I am punching with my fingers and not my knuckles.
  16. But the shockwave will give off sounds as it is traveling forward right?
  17. So a shockwave is just intense sound right? Does the shockwave do most of the damage? Does the heat from such an explosion transfer mostly from conduction or radiation? Which does more of the damage: conduction of hear of radiated heat? Is the light from a nuclear explosion enough to melt steel?
  18. oh so it is just an effect of something rather being something.
  19. What is the shockwave? is it some other form of energy? What would be an effective weapon of mass destruction in a vacuum. Well nuclear weapons would be effective as long as you hit the target dead on.
  20. What is the smallest particle that all other particles are made of?
  21. Would a nuclear bomb work in a vacuum? How would the concussive force and heat transfer without matter? Does it give off enough radiation to generate the kind of heat that would make it a formidable weapon? I know the sun is basically a nuclear bomb, but I am only talking about tactical size nuclear bombs. Stemming off of this question, what is a concussive force? I always hear of something called a blast radius. What kind of energy is the blast? Is it some kind of force like electromagnetism? What comes out of the explosion that does all the harm?
  22. Why do you need infinite energy to get to light speed, if light speed is finite, and constant? It has a limit obviously right 186000 miles per second?
  23. You mean like a dyson's sphere from ST:TNG So warp drive or quantum slipstream, and hyperspace are all just made up. I always thought there was some sort science behind it. That is very disappointing. Would Mars be good place to live? It is pretty close, but how would we deal with the significantly lesser gravity? I know some of the moons of Jupiter have water on them so maybe those are a possibility. Also we could extract some hydrogen out jupiter's atmosphere right, and that gives us some fusion for heat if we figure a way to use.
  24. but even still there is not place left to explore or to expand ourselves, and that is what humans need. Except for the ocean. Haha i can just imagine in the near future our society will be like Seaquest. But my main question is interstellar or intergalactic travel even possible?
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