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  1. My latest thought experiment. What is the difference between a wave and a particle, if not just the scale at which they are measured and calculated. That is to suggest that if the double slits were big enough for the wave to pass through, wouldn't we measure and perceive a particle? If the slits were smaller than the electron wouldn't we perceive a wave?


    My latest speculative thoughts suggest that scale is relative to the electromagnetic atmosphere that particles travel through. And that waves travel more efficiently through the space than particles because they do not require velocity, and/or acceleration time dilation and particles do.


    The theory,

    a) Waves travel in harmony with time.

    b) Particles are the result of wave cancellation by the timing of a foreign object that it must pass through.


    The experiment:

    Create a timing that an electron can travel on.

    Sound waves are common in the macro world that sets the scale, so we'll use them to vibrate a copper wire.

    The electrons flowing over the surface of the wire should harmonize with the sound frequency, (and each other) according to the timing of the vibrations. The result should be a cooler wire and a more efficient transmission of electricity.


    Let's hope it works!





  2. I think maybe ("I speculate") that the Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle makes it impossible to line subatomic particles up by properties like that.


    I wouldn't be so sure. A true genius showed me this group of true genius' and blew my mind. I was not expecting it but this is the way.


    Maybe if just spin the sonic vibratory field?

  3. The interference pattern depends on the wavelength, which in turn depends on the momentum. This is experimentally confirmed.


    Alchemy claims are going to require a lot more rigor than you've provided here.


    Spin, wobble, and directional movement are all properties of momentum. One will effect the other and should be mathematically calculable.


    Alchemy: Well, I didn't say it would be easy, but If we took a lead atom and a hydrogen atom, lined up the disks perfectly parallel, perfectly harmonized the spin/wobble ratios and made the temperature of both compatible, then we should be able to press them together, or simply watch them merge.


    I think this model might be used to explain which photons enter a galaxy and which ones lens around said galaxy.

    Disk wobble frequency might also explain how magnets work, but I'm late for work. Will explain soon.

  4. If we could completely isolate a body of mass from all outside electromagnetic interference, and then re-arrange all of the electromagnetic components that make up that mass, to better fit a new position in the universe, and then dissolve the isolating field, the mass should quantum leap to it's new position.

    Flow of what? What model or testable predictions can you make?

    The flow is dark energy, that which expands the universe. If the universe is constantly expanding then all things must constantly re-position themselves to the point of least resistance.

    To look at the universe is to see the valleys of this expansion. I can't think of any other way to describe the model at this time.

  5. I'd say that: the cloud of possibility is the electron who's scale is relative to the path of least resistance. The path of least resistance both through and around the filter is simply to turn 90 degrees.

    If experiments prove this theory correct then we will know that particle spins wobble and this is what creates the interference patterns. Wobble frequencies may even turn out to be at the heart of a new understanding of the strong and the weak forces. Once fully understood and mathematically calculated, we may be able to turn lead into gold using very little energy. May be worth investigation.

  6. The reason for the experiment would be to see if the shape of an electron more resembles a disk than a ball, I guess.

    If the photons, or electrons, are parallel to the target on average, then the wave a possibility will show an interference pattern.

    And if the particles are perpendicular to the target, on average, we should see particle like pattern.


    If so, then the film we are using to detect the particle is responsible for the particles behavior and not the fact that we observed the particle.


    To understand the shape of the particle is vital to our progress.

  7. According to my latest thought experiments the electron should always be a particle. How can it be anything else in an expanding universe? But the double split and countless other experiments prove that it is also a wave.


    The wave observation might be explained by a principle, whereby the cloud of possibility itself is spinning. Seems to me that this would explain the wave like properties we observe, if for some reason, it stops spinning when we observe it.


    Is it possible that the detector somehow changes the spin to be perpendicular to the target or perhaps stop the spin altogether somehow?


    I wonder what might happen if we turn the detector film at a 45 degree angle?

    I wonder if we could come up with different interference patterns if we used different gasses in the room.

    I wonder what the result might be if we put the film in the middle of the slits, both on front of and behind.

    I wonder if we could predict it's landing by using a magnifying glass to narrow the cloud into a more predictable landing. We might even be able to fry an ant with one, that'd be cool.


    Have any of these things been tried?

  8. Double slit:


    The understanding of my thought experiment to date:

    It is complicated to put into words.


    1) An instant of time (relevant to our frequency or perception) is one loop of the fractal formula z=zsquare+c. The universe is expanding one frame at a time according to this formula.


    2) Infinite particles represent points on the geometric plane(s)


    3) atomic protons represent one loop of expansion. They step from one frame to the next, this defines their position in 4d space. They are relevant to a single plane of the fractal geometry.


    4) captured electrons represent 6 loops of expansion, their relevance can exist in several points within these 6 steps of expansion.


    still speculating,

  9. That relativity is natures fractal pattern, and that the wave of probability for quantum particles applies to all things within an equal scale.

    and that sub-atomic particles cannot exist everywhere at once, but they must maintain their position within realities infinitely repeating natural fractal.

    If today's thought experiments turn up correct, we should be able to digitize points within the wave of probability, explain the double slit experiment, advance quantum computing, expand our perception of reality, and bring a better understanding of the quantum field.

  10. "If you plot a fractal position for Z=Zsquare+C then you have automatically plotted it's entangled counterpart -Z=Zsquare+C."


    Nothing spooky about it.

    As long as you understand that; "one does not plot infinite particles in a three dimensional space, but rather you plot it's position on an infinitely repeating shape within realities natural fractal."


    Mark Clayton Beal

  11. The insane brought us up out of the stone ages and unto this very state. Now,

    This is speculations forum. I am speculating. I am speculating that gravity is a wave/particle. In fact, I learned on THiS site, several years ago, that gravity is it's own anti-particle. You people need to slow your pounce before clobbering everything anybody says because odds are, that some crazy science fiction writer will predict our future technology. What will you say? What do you say. Think all of their devices unfounded imagination?Does the electron travel through electromagnetic space to achieve a higher or lower orbit? Put that in your worm hole and quantum leap, lol.



    "Some grow old never believing that time travel is possible" Clayton Beal 2017

  12. Gravitational time dilation. The mechanics of the magic:

    Gravity is it's own anti particle. Mass accelerates graviton annihilation leaving a higher percentage of non-electromagnetic space, thus increasing the work load on the remaining gravitons that must vibrate at electromagnetic frequencies required by time thus dilating the field created.


    If this is true, Light, (all electromagnetic particles) is a gravitational vibration.

    and: Large bodies of mass have a smaller gravitational field than smaller bodies of mass and mass is most likely the product of condensed gravity in a once uniform field.


    If the theory is correct: Dark matter is little more than a cloud of non-electromagnetic space. No big mystery.


  13. Perhaps the universe is infinite, and I believe it is. But this seems to suggest that the big bang came from an infinite source of energy, and if that is true then the universe should still be banging, and that somewhere on the edge of expansion planets and stars are still being born.

    And many other things like, The expansion is causing an inward force and that our visible universe has some uniform like pressure regulating it's expansion, and that our visible universe maybe pitching in and helping the edge to expand.

    The thought leaves me envisioning black hole fractals through out rings of realities, lol

    The possibility of an infinite universe is a mind blowing concept. I know that it's been said that during the wee moments of the big bang that distance (space?) traveled faster than light, this may suggest the possibility that vacuum energy may be the result of distance stabilizing into a vector within the speed of light realm, that is to say, a point of electromagnetic possibility. And this tends to lead me to think that, algorithms of spin between these distance particles make up the normal matter that we are. They're local spin probably determines the local time, which is to say particles of distance govern time dilation. Hmmmm, Good enough for science fiction? Anyone? Trying to hit warp speed here : )

  14. Does the depth of the micro wave back ground's depth resemble the dark matter structure of the universe?


    Is the observable universe still producing hydrogen? Oxygen?


    Are we sure the universe doesn't have a geometrical center point? I could see where it might be hard to find with all that bending and twisting of time and space out there, and we all seem to believe that it came from a single point expanding outwards in all directions. and the microwave background does look like the inside of a pea, howbeit a really really big pea now.


    It just really seems to me that an alien half a universe to the left of us. would see the mass from the "north and south" poles of our inner sphere to the left of his, as stars of course. Distance is relative to position in this scenario. a finite universe of infinite expansion.


    Or, The stars on his left are from another universe all together, because they exist beyond our cosmic microwave's edge. This seems to suggest that, there were many, many bangs, perhaps even every single point through out all of eternity banged, with the exception of black holes. The age of this universe would be relative to a beings position.

  15. They can infer from reversing the rate of expansion and distances between galaxies how long ago it was that they were all physically connected into a dense mass.

    So, when people talk about the age of the universe they are really only talking about the age of the observable universe, correct?

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