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  1. *Sigh*


    Another thread hijacked... It is almost enough to drive one to outright antitheism.


    I have no formal education in evolution but am fascinated by how well Mr. Dawkins can explain the mechanics and wonders of evolution to a layperson such as myself. History may render many of his works irrelevant, (if not only because he panders to the casual reader), however I appreciate them for the clarity if nothing else. Here is a couple of quick links to some additional Dawkins information if anyone might be interested.


    Bill Moyer's interview of Dawkins (Video)


    Dawkin's post on Huffington

    (Read on through his link to Sam Harris' article for more interesting arguments..)

  2. well, i was taught about aztec, greek, and roman gods, as well as judaism and islam. i also learned about christianity in history. it is a part of culture. it's difficult to teach history without including religions. for instance, the catholic church plays a HUGE part in history, but it's difficult to understand if you have no idea what the catholic church is. see my point? it really basically is already taught in most history classes. world history classes, that is.


    Feel free to take this with a grain of salt (and we are way ot at this point), but I think there is a rather large leap between using the teaching of world cultures as a jumping point for brief overviews of religion versus teaching ID. Especially in the the manner which Behe et al. would have us buy into the whole spiel... But that may just be me.

  3. i'm not attacking evolution at all. and i was unaware that the anger was directed towards the fact that ID would be taught in a science classroom. i was under the impression that it was directed towards the fact that it would be taught at all. ID is a large part of history, as history usually covers most of those religions and ideas as to how the world started. perhaps it would be better suited in that class? anyhow, i do agree that, while ID should be taught, it doesn't have a place in a science classroom.


    God no, not the bible as history now... :rolleyes:


    How about Philosophy?


    Just refreshed to catch the backpedal by the way... So yeah, we're square.

  4. i will agree with you there. it isn't really a scientific subject. but that doesn't mean it cannot be taught as an alternate idea.


    I've been browsing these boards for going on two weeks now and I feel compelled to break my silence because of your asinine comment.. If it is not science why should it be taught in a science class?


    ID has no scientific merit.





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