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    logic problem

    yep, that's correct. also, my psychic powers tell me you live in michigan.
  2. I'm thinking of how does consciousness work at all? Is it like the nerves in our brain are like a bunch of transistors or something? I have no idea!
  3. world war 3... now that's a great idea. i've never seen a nuclear bomb explode in real life. it will be like a fireworks display. can't wait.
  4. there are two hamburgers. one is poisoned. there are two guards in front of them. they both know which had been poisoned, but one of the guards (you don't know which) is a liar and always lies, the other always tells the truth. you can ask only one of the guards a single question. what question can you ask to know for certain which hamburger is poisoned?
  5. lol that's hilarious... i've heard about it on the news
  6. it's not really homework or anything, just something that came into my head. for a regular shape with n sides of length m inscribed in a circle of radius r, write a formula of m in terms of r and n.
  7. well i think its better to be reckless today and suffer in 20 years then to not have cool gasoline engines. do you realize how much the world has progressed in the last 80 years thanks to gasoline? people forget this sometimes. without gasoline we'll be so unindrialized right now. they wouldn't even have gasolien cars.
  8. i've tried it, it heated up only a bit and started bubbling although a lot less violently than say HCl and Bleach. i collected the fumes in a cylinder and it looked like pure oxygen with no smell of chlorine... although it might have had some bleach vapor due to the heat of the reaction. it's a fairly exothermic reaction and yeah i guess it is a good way to neutralize bleach, if you don't mind the oxygen gas generated and perhaps some bleach vapor from the heat. there's no reason it would make any chlorine i mean you have 2 oxidizers obviously it would make oxygen.
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