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  1. Hi, 


    I'm new to this forums, please accept my apologies first I'm asking on the wrong forum.

    (Some context, I'm not a student / professional on biology / physiology, I'm a IT guy but start getting interest in physiology / health knowledge. I don't satisfy with very general health related suggestion but wondering why. On the other hand, I'm not equipped with knowledge to comprehend the technical literature / papers. Sometimes I struggle to find the information on which is slight more detail than general health focused website).


    When I try to understand "High Blood Fat" problem, most articles just explain high blood fat is either caused by genetic problem or bad diet.

    But I'm trying to understand a little bit deeper on why.


    As I know, when we digest fat, the digestive process will convert it into triglycerides, which will carry through the blood stream by lipoprotein. It should eventually stored in adipose tissue.

    So, if I eat too much fat, then, the natural result should be storing excess body fat in forms of adipose tissue. How does it ends up in the form of high level of triglycerides in the blood?



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