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  1. I agree. The investigation has moved towards a lonely deranged serial killer from the start( although we didn't have one in 30 years and it's strange for pple like that to start in their 60s, they usually kill through their life). Anything that could indicate otherwise like the experiment in question, the 3 hard to detect phones he had, details from his past traceable in the system has been left out.

  2. there was no mentions of  bellows just a metallic barrel without bottom or lid, placed on some kind of  grill and the fire was made underneath the grill. I imagine the grill would have to be very high to allow a big enough fire


    this is the actual article. 

    The main issue for me is, this happened in a small town with high organized crime rates(drugs, human trafficking etc), tolerated in lack of a harsher word, by the police.  So whether he could've incinerate her that way or not is important.

  3. I see. But are the stuff he used, in theory,  enough to generate high temperatures like in a crematorium(especially since everything is big and compact there to keep the heat from getting out)? Could the extra hours compensate for a lower temperature? would Vaseline and bitumen cardboard cover any kind of smell or reduce the amount of smoke? The neighbors said they didn't see any smoke and had to be asked like 4 times to described a light smell of burned rag. A lot of people from nearby came right after this occurred and no one noticed any smell

  4. Hi everyone. Sorry for the rather grim question, but  I'm trying to make sense of a murder case that happened recently in my country and I have very little trust in the authorities or the media at this point. Is it possible to burn a human body(15yearld, aprox 110 pounds)), using an aprox 1 meter(40 inches) cylindrical, improvised heater(opened at both ends), using  Vaseline and bitumen cardboard? The heater was supposedly placed on some kind of grill. And if so, how long would it take? How messy would it be? How bad would it smell? After 18 hours or less( the girl called the emergency line 3 times and it took the police 16 hours to find her and another 3 to brake in because they were waiting for a search warrant that wasn't even necessary), there were supposedly only calcined bone remains. Again I'm sorry if this violates your community rules, but I don't personally know any chemist

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