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  1. When I was a teen and our San Joaquin valley had supper sonic jets over our valley that rattled windows with sonic boombs. Shock waves can be seen visually. There was a supper sonic jet over head with a thin cloud layer and about 3/4 mile behind there I saw a large shock wave following. The shock waves travel in straight lines one after another.
  2. Yes I do once in ahwile. I can change a dream at will. Just before i awake and if a dream that didn't turn out good then I go back into my dream and change my dream the way I want it.. I don't have bad dreams at all. I also have at times have a vision while at work and not asleep. My visions i see can happen a day before to one week. The ones I see always come out like what i saw previous days exactly. No, I'm no sykik but a simple person at 67 years old. I had the gift of visions since my teens. There were times when a person was gravely ill but my vison was her recovery and come true. I also had a problem with my teen daughter but my vision told me to just let go and now she is married and a family started. Well all my dreams that I change are very good. Also my visions of events before they happen all come out true. You know that there are people that have the same visions and dreams that can change. John T. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedI can change a bad dream at will. Solution to that is no liquer and you can change your dream. There are many people that have that gift. Are there any scientists out there that can explain ( Visions ) ???. ) and dreams ?. There has to be some scientific formula in matamatics to figure out my gift. A mind is only organic material and nothing special. Why do I see things before they happen ?. Your mind has to be focust with no clutter of junk. Is there anyone of high IQ. that can explain my visions and dreams ? I need help. John T.
  3. Maybe if our universe fell back into the ( Big Crunch ) to recycle into a new big bang.
  4. The seconds were invented by a person a long time ago but I foregot what method was used. Your heart beat can be timed by a slow heart beat or after running. If only I can remember the man and after his idea that then was used.
  5. Two months ago the wife and I been to Isreal, Egypt and Ammon Jordan on a 23 day tour. The muslim world out there all Love our new President Barack Obama. I was told that he has the same color of skin like thiers. He is very popular in the Arab world and they told me that he is Gods Messanger and a solution to our world of finance and oil. I asked 30 teens in egypt if I can take a picture of them so they said sure go ahead. They asked where I'm from so I said the USA and then they all lined up to shake my hand. One Arab came up to shake my hand and said ( Welcome Mr. Obama ) and I'm a white guy. Can you figure why they love us all of a sudden ?? Money ?. Food ?. I want to hear from you. You also may want to know that the Egyptions don't put a value on plastic and paper for recycleable stuff so they dump thier trash in the Blue Nile and creeks so tourists to see. They have no rubbish trucks so a boal is loaded and dumped somewhere.
  6. No, I guess I must have missed your letter. Write back.
  7. I would hate to see a moon sized Rogue Asteroid headed our way and plunge deep into our earth. I wonder what that would do to our tektonic plates. Our land mass mite be different when we're gone.
  8. You know what guy ?. I'm just messing with you.
  9. We have a hugh crow and pigeon population in my town. Discharge of fire arms in the city limits to control our crow and pigeon population is a NO NO control. Starlings destroy millions of dollars worth of row crop that can feed the hungry mass of humans. Zon guns only scare them from one tree to the next. 20 years ago our city boasted 60 crows but now our sky is black. Poison contol a no no Shooting a no no and a bullit into someones window. Electrocution of crows a no no the EPA will be at your door. I made a proposal to the US FISH and WILD LIFE SERVICE and they never heard of a new way to control thier numbers without killing them and environmentaly safe. I been a farmer too long to learn that you have to control natures balance without destroying the other. The answer to pest bird control is called ( The Silent Guardian ) made for the police and military for enemy croud dispersal with a microwave dish of high energy that works on moisture under the skin. For crows and pigeons will knock:cool: them out unconcious and gathered to be sent to an abatement facility. If this Demo is successful in my town The US FISH and WILDLIFE SERVICE will license me to sell these moduals worldwide.
  10. Yes I can and it didn't cost me a dime. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedUrsa Minor has its handle screwed on up side down.
  11. No thats not the one i'm looking at. Oposite direction in the very low south sky and its an exact duplicate of the Big Dipper but somewhat smaller with a dipper and a handle on it. Its over the Antactic What you show is not in that location.
  12. Where is that in the sky ?. The one I see is in the low south I call it the Lesser Dipper. A new name for it I give is ( The Farmers Dipper ). Can I own a piece of the sky ?.
  13. Global warming of our oceans will force all fish to Alaska and South America dureing this time. The end of our world ? NO !!! For when the ocean warms up we'll have weather like never seen in mans history like the days of Noah. We'll have more rain comeing from our ocean and a massive cloud cover to block out our sun and throw our earth into a global deep freeze with a mile thick of Glasier on American soil. We won't have to wait for an asteroid to block out our sun. Yes our world has a way of recycleing itself.
  14. I think its called owning an M&M trade mark for a chocolate candy company. M&M star system and the Big Dipper been in our sky for 13 billion years or so. I mite make some money.
  15. Yes I call it the ( M & M ) star system. So we have the big dipper in our sky that points to the Polar Star. So what about the M & M star system ?. The oposite side of the Big Dipper and our polar star are ( Two Large M & M ) star systems. So now we have candy in our sky and I imagine the M & M' s candy stars will come apart to j:doh:ump over the polar star and make it into the Big Dipper dureing the ( Arrora Borealis ) display of lights. John T.
  16. So how many dippers is in our sky ?. WHAT only one dipper ?????. Wrong !!! again. There is two dippers in our sky. One is the Big Dipper where the end points to our Polar Star that never moves only up and down somewhat. The big dipper is in our northern hemisphere but in observing our sky I see the ( Lesser Dipper ). And that is in our low southern sky. So in navigating our ocean in true east and west direction I can navigate between the big dipper and the Lesser dipper when plying the ocean. I am a retired Blue Diamond Almond grower all my life. I am calling the southern Lesser dipper. ( THE FARMERS DIPPER ) I think some astronomer should write that down. So when you go out at nite to see the big dipper and then look to the opposite southern sky and you will see ( The Farmers Dipper ). Look it over its very interesting. John T.
  17. Last year a debate flared between couple of creationists and Evolutionists also Scientists on The Big Bang. I got tired listening those guys hammer one another about how the big bang and the evolving of animals. I must have thrown in a good monkey wrench in the boiling pot. They were both wrong and were both right. I said that the Big Bang was the god particle meaning was the god of creation of himself and evolution of animal and plant life was created to evolve to protect his creation from extinction in an ever changing environment. Charles Darwin was right. Of cource I was just jokeing around but both sides ageed with my hypotosis and took me serious but heck what do i know cause i wasn't there when our universe was made.
  18. I was watching a program on Science. They showed the brane theory as two giant sheets waveing against each other almost touching. These sheets looked like one is male and the other a Female like everything else in nature. The other thing that bothers me is Called ( The God Particle ) named by scientists. What is that ?.
  19. Tolmosoff

    Brane theory

    Can someone explain the Brane Theory. And did it caused the atom of the big Bang ?.
  20. I think all matter in our universe been recycled many times. The big bang whipes out everything that existed before. Say you buy a new car and drove the crap out of it and was time for a trade in. You took the junker to a scrap yard and was melted down. So then a year later you went shopping for another car to drive. You then realised the new car that you bought was that same metal from your last junker. In that case the universe was always around but then the great Big crunch exhausted its use and all fell back into itself to top dead center in the combustion stroke of gravity and heat , elements and chain reation went into Big Bang mode. Ignited our universe again to form time and space again. Yes, life and all planets formed from the gas poluted exhaust in the carbon building blocks. We are the star stuff from knoxious gasses from Exhaust Polution or left over gasses that made us. Also the space inside the cylinder got empty until the intake stroke of new gasses and material from the big crunch. Our universe has always recycled itself to becme a new universe.
  21. Dear Demo : I think you should have fruit bat wings installed because they are large. And you will get a movie contract as batman.
  22. I don;t know why Christians and evolutionists keep hammering each other. I. # Evolution = Our created evolution in its creation ( Capable to evolve of animal species ) was create into his creation tp protect his creation from extincion in an ever changing environment. Scientists and creationists are both right and both wrong. 2. # Big Bang. Can God that we worship be called The God anomoly, God particle or God is that ( Big Bang ) ?. My belief is that creation and science work together as one.
  23. Global Warming a Recycling Affect:


    Global Warming was before the flood.


    Global warming is a good omen. It will be hot as hell.

    When oceans get warm and fish die or go to cooler water too survive.


    Warm ocean water vaporizes and we'll have weather never before seen in history.

    Tidal waves, tsunami, huricans and riseing ocean levels will be after we are gone.

    Cloud cover from the dinosaur extintion threw our earth into a deep freeze.


    Hot ocean water has the same effect in evaporation with a world thick cloud cover blocking off our sun for decades to come


    you see our world has a way of recycling its self. World thick cloud cover will throw our earth back into a deep freeze of glasiation.


    No way our earth will be doomed and will always be here.

  24. Brain-in-a-vat : yes the Big Crunch can recicle itself. Tousand years is like one day and one day is like thousand years. In the ever creation there is an end. revelations in bible said and i saw great calamity in the heavens where giant planet bodies collided and fell back into itself. Can that be the Big Crunch ?. If all of our universe fell back into itself takeing us with it and back into that one nuclear atom of gravity and heat. Then only at that time it reaches ( Top Dead Center ). You know your cars engine does the same big bang. Pur universe is a four stoke engine. Intake, commpression, power, exhaust. Intake takeing all matter in the big crunch back into top dead center of your engine. Commpression is the big crunch reaching criticle mass. Power stoke is the big bang igniting all nuclear fussion. Exhaust stroke is the expantion of gasses causeing time to occure in an empty cyliner and space in then reocupied with all known elements. Like atoms creating atom, carbon the main building blocks to form matter. Ah the word ( CARBON ) exhaust at the end of your tail pipe. unused gasses , water and etc. You know very well that all planet matter was gasses of polution. Yes our universe was formed from polution of that big bang. But not to worry thrillion years from now when our universe runs out in the end of that cylinder we call the engine. At that point of top dead center our universe will recycle its self into a brand new universe. Don't know how many times our universe ( Re - Cycled ) in the past of time. Not to preach religion but the big bang is the God Atom at top dead center. Have your wife start your car with your nose at the tail pipe and you will see creation recycled, the carbon exhaust and all elements that make up from from the big bang of your engine. There is such an anomoly as The Big Crunch and the point of ( Recycled ) universe material. The universe as our only universe is but one universe. And there are countless universe in the Bathtub with bubbles. HEY !!! I am only a retired Almond grower, Blue Diamond Almonds. Guess my brain is somewhere among our stars.
  25. Shure they have one its called ( The Hadron Accelerator ) to create a Black hole called the start of another universe within our universe. Mite take us all with it. Like we never were her in the begining.
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