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  1. Yes into an anomoly called ( The cylindar ) like your cars engin for it is empty waiting to be filled from the last Big Crunch.. Our universe is multiplying into that void. Trillion years from now our universe will recycle itself again and takeing everything that was to form a new universe. Big Bangs will never end.
  2. I was never in the army. I am a retired Almond grower took a tour with with my wife and sister. Jet Lag is no problem with me.
  3. I flew from Los Angles to Isreal took 11 hours. Also from Los Angles tp Russia and never felt jet Lag. The only thing i felt was the tight seating in the Jumbo Jet. I mostly sleep on the way. Nope !!! and heck I still don't know how jet Lag feels.
  4. Your going to live a very short life so enjoy the days you have for they are numbered.
  5. Our bodies were made for REM spleep for repairs. Not to spleep will shorten our life. Remember that a flower in the morning waits for sunrise ans follows the sun to maximize growth until evening as the sun sets. At night the flower heat then turns all the way back at night to wait for the riseing sun. That nature at work for plants are smarter that man as we Kill ourselves. Take an example from the liveing testamony around us and you will live longer. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedAlso if you had a bad dream at night , you can actually change your dream cause I can do it at will.
  6. Man -O- Live. My wife looks like that. I'm really in heaven.
  7. I think that our universe is like an empty cylinder waiting to be filled. Also its begining is like a buttom put on a string that when you spin it also it viabrates in its spinning motion. Our universe recycled its self from a previous universe that wiped out everything that was before. Its called ( The Big Crunch ). Universes can collaps back into its self and go into recycle mode creating a brand new universe each time. Your car goes through the same thing. Your new car is driven 300 thousand miles and then become a junker that is melted down into molten metal. You then go shopping for a new car and find out that the metal in your new car ( Was your old Junker ) less the seeds, coins and penncils under the seat. Astro biologists call the new singularity that makes the Big Bang was from a previous universe.
  8. I want to know what country are you from ?. You think mans intelligence is that dumb ?. Then, do you have a news paper or a TV out there ?. Maybe you are an alien.
  9. I see our universe like the cylinder in my cars engine. The point as the flash of top dead center. Maybe the volum was always there but no matter to fill it like time and space. The Big Bang was when a previous universe collapst called ( The Big Crunch ) that took all of the previous universe and compressed it into the point of a new creation called Big Bang. I see our universe like the inside of my engine. A four Stroke universe. 1 # Intake = The big crunch, the intake stroke takeing in the previous universe. 2 # Compression = Top dead center ( big bang ) u have power. and expantion of gasses ,expansion of light, gasses, elements of carbon building block for matter. And atom particles that replicate itself. 3 # power = Big bang goes into power stroke to create motion of gravity and ( Expantion of universe ). 4 # Exhaust = unused gasses, heat, creation, carbon and polution at the end of tail pipe. Yes we are the creation from gasses from polution because of the big bang. The volum was always there plus Multiverses for a new universe to fill that cylinder. Next trillion years the big bang will will start all over again and takeing us with it. All old things are done away with to become a new universe cause we are ( In The Twilite Zone ). Think of our universe as the inside cylinder of your car.
  10. I like to drink wine once in a while. When poping of the ( Cork ) the first thing in the taste is the lousy cork stench. Makes the wine have a milldewy tast. But they are trying to replace the cork with something else.
  11. What can a dimension be called say if way beyond our universe where time and space don't exist ? Can that have a dimension ?.
  12. I would like to see a probe sent to our moon and instaments to search out viable ( Volcanic Tubes ) on our moon as a moon base. Volcanic tubes can be sealed from outside vacum and solar power to transmit electric energy underground for oxygen generation, lighting and farming and that i cal ( Volcanic Cities ). Forget that boon doggle of a Mars habitat will cost 10's of billions. Solar Radiation ? to space explorers will be a quick grave yard with ( tumors and Cancers ). Volcanic cities are a great shield against solar radiation. Our ancesters lived in caves and was a home for protection. Most all planets have volcanic activity ( Natures Habitat ). Build rockets and extract fuel for very powerful load set off from our moon to see other solar systems and no need for a launch pad.
  13. My mother was born in mexico and when she was a young girl she got a splinter on top of her big toe. Well that stayed with her for fifty years and never bothered her untill age 67 it finally came out without her cutting the skin. Our body ajusts to forein matter .
  14. If there was a big crunch as scientists claim then a universe before got rid of all the evidence. But then type in ( Multiverse ) or multiple universes are like bubbles in a bath tub. Maybe our universe is not alone out there. Singularity can wipe out everything and start a new big bang. Like buying a new car and then becomes a junk heep thats sent to the scrap yard and a year later you bought a new car but then realised the metal was your old car. Maybe big bangs that made our universe has recycled many times and no proof of infinity of time and space. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedI also believe that a universe and matter can recycle itself each time with us or without us.
  15. Most animals that got extinked was from mans ( Spear, Arrow, or Bullit ). or even strangulation and poisons. Lucky the Buffalo survived mans hunting for meat and skins. Or bird specie for feathers.
  16. That would be cool. I would like to see a DO-DO bird, A giant turkey, ancient elephant with giant tusks. Neanthertal ?? Oh no we got two on the Geico commercial. Well back to the drawing board. Modern man killed them off so we should bring them back.
  17. So if you got deprived of total sun light for a year you will get sick and forget the ( dead grass sindrom ). You will get very sick and need massive amount of iodin shots but you still live maybe eye sight will fade. And health not as good. Lets not get off the original subject.
  18. I think our suns radiation has everything to do in the evolution of DNA melenie of skin coloring.
  19. You ever put a plywood 4 by 8 on your grass and a week later your grass is white.
  20. Noah had three sons and after the flood one son ( Japhet ) took his wife and migrated to northurn Europe causeing thier desendance DNA to have Light skin and became city builders, sky scraper, and bridge builders and inventors. Shem and wife stayed and became the religious nations and wars. Ham that laughed at his naked drunk father Noah was banished and took his wife into deep Africa and thier DNA caused them to have black skin to protect them from getting skin cancer. I don't know if this is true but a logical answer I got on TV.
  21. Global warming and depleated ozon levels will generate dark skin on the white fair complected humans. Yes we will become as a dark generation will cause our DNA to produce more melanene to protect from cancers and tumors . We may all look like our president.
  22. I believe that worm holes are inside Black Holes or is it in White Holes. Is there some way to find a worm hole out there or is it just a wish.?. Do worm holes only travel in one direction ?. And if we go into one to see whats out there :doh:and never ride the time tunnel back in the opposite direction for home ?.
  23. Can a singularity and the big crunch be related from a former Universe ?. I believe that our universe changed hands many times.
  24. I hope we don't find the ( After Life ) dimention. Scientists say that we live in a parallel world where we have duplicates of ourselves. Where do they get this crap from ?. So if then I die one day do they actually believe our duplicate dies on the same day ?. Those guys are jokes that live on our money. So they mite find that monkey that gave birth to us ?. They make a big joke out of Darwins idea.
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