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  1. For homework, I have to decide whether some objects or conditions block sunlight and their Ultraviolet rays completely, mostly, somewhat, rarely or not at all.


    I was given these following conditions:


    Water (not a bunch of water, like 1 cm deep or dripping leftover water

    Clothing (White Cotton Undershirt Sleeveless)

    Eye Glasses (The one people wear on their faces to see better)

    Window Glass

    Sun Glasses

    Sunscreen SPF 30

    Copy Paper

    Ziploc Plastic Bag


    I'm guessing:


    Water - It shouldn't block any UV rays

    Clothing - It would probably block most UV rays

    Eye Glasses - Maybe some rays, like 30-40%

    Window Glass - It should block most UV rays but not all, like 80-90%

    SunGlasses - It should block all UV rays

    Sunscreen SPF 30 - It should block all UV rays

    Copy Paper - It should block most, like around 70%-80%

    Ziploc Plastic Bag - Maybe around 20-30%



    Can someone tell me whether my guesses are correct or incorrect and if they are incorrect, it explain why. I tried to base most of my guesses from how transparent they are, but I am not sure if that is completely related to sunlight.


    Edit: Or, I am looking at this incorrectly, maybe this is just a yes or no question on whether certain objects block UV rays or not, but I am not sure.

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