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  1. Hi guys, not entirely sure if this is the correct subforum but here goes -


    I'm writing a uni essay on whether insects should be afforded more welfare in research, and just struggling to find any sources on current conditions or practices, especially any that aren't politically motivated (not saying i'm for or against that, just not what i'm after). Can find plenty on edible insect welfare but not much, if anything, on insects in scientific research. If anyone knows any sources or where to look that would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi so as part of a zoology degree, I'm doing a human geography class and learning about the current European Migrant Crisis. Just wondering if anyone has ever written about what it really means to be allowed on to a particular piece of land, who has the right to live where. I'm assuming philosophy would be the best place to start but if it's better suited in the politics forum feel free to move this there. 

    Not just or the present day, though I am interested in that too, but historically. Maybe even if anyone has ever written on the very first human migrations out of Africa, not in an archaeological or paloeological sense but in a "who now owns this and can live here sense"


    Thank you in advance, stay safe guys.

  3. Hi I'm just wondering if someone can point me in the right direction for learning more about this, or if you have personal knowledge. 

    CNS fatigue is a big "thing" in the fitness industry but all I can find are glossy articles and stuff that sounds terribly like broscience on forums, I've not been able to find much in the way of scientific research, though that could just be my untrained searching skills.


    Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi, 

    I'm trying to work out how the cell removes and recycles proteins in the cell membrane, such as ion channels. I think  it'll be by 'digestion' by lysosomes, but I spent hours last night searching for the actual mechanism/process by which they are physically removed from the membrane when the time comes, and I couldn't find anything. 

    Even just a point in the right direction to the name of the process or a website with the info, rather than the answer would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks guys.

    EDIT- the closest I have figured so far would be crinophagy, but I'm not sure if that is exactly right.

  5. Hi guys, as the title says I just have a couple of questions regarding ^


    I am aware that rust is a compound that contains water molecules and is an oxidation of iron with oxygen and water, but just wondering if iron can corrode and the result be something else other than rust (no water molecules present - corroded iron, something like that).

    And regarding zinc, just that if this is the main difference between the corrosion of iron and zinc, that iron forms rust and zinc would not.

    I tried a google search but couldn't find anything specific. Cheers.

  6. Personally I would search for "microscope usb" on eBay/Amazon (microscope with USB camera),

    to be able to send data through USB, to see it on computer monitor, and record it to video file.


    Don't mix it with "USB microscope" as they're for electricians and engineers, usually cheap and poor made.


    There are also microscopes with built-in LCD monitor. They have cards for storing photos and/or videos recorded.



    Bresser with LCD built-in monitor for $180



    Mustcam with LCD built-in monitor for $135




    Question for sensei- and anyone else who might know- with regards to this microscope usb, is this something that can be attached to a standard microscope I might purchase separately or is it the entire device on its own?


    Sorry I'm probably not being very clear with that question but hopefully you get what i'm trying to say.

  7. Hi guys I was wondering if any of you had a few suggestions for a good quality first microscope?


    I've got a £50 amazon voucher, but I don't mind putting a bit more of my own money towards it, but that's my rough price range. It's just for messing around with at home for fun and it might come in handy when I start a distance learning biology course in a couple of months, that sort of grade/spec is what I'm after.


    Thanks in advance.


    P.s sorry if this is the wrong forum, maybe science education would have been more appropriate.

  8. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone knows of a good way or a handy wee mnemonic to differentiate between these three principles?


    I understand the concept of each one well enough ( for A level chemistry standards anyway) but if I got a question asking, for example, to state Hund's rule it could end up just being a stab in the dark which of the three I describe.



  9. I've been reading a lot about overt and covert prestige from Labov's experiments in the department stores and convergence and divergence from Howard Giles' Communication Accommodation Theory and was just wondering if someone could explain the main difference between the two as they seem very similar. And if you could point out which situations it would be more appropriate to use one as an explanation over the other?


    Cheers in advance.

  10. Ethnozoology and anthrozoology....


    Both these disciplines seem almost identical yet completely separate. And a Google search didn't bring much illumination.


    Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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