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Two tricky questions for the well educated

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vuze    0
Posted (edited)

1. How come children suffering from "SCID" shows impaired growth even though there is NO infection?

2. Detailed explanation why conjugate vaccines stimulate B- and T-cell response?


Would really appreciate your help. :)

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Ophiolite    1811

The convention on this forum is that members are very willing to help people with their homework (especially when they use clever thread titles), but they will not do so unless the member has shown that they have made some effort to provide their own answer. Presently that is lacking in your heartfelt plea. Consequently, unless you stumble across a member who likes to flaunt convention and knows the answers your query, then you are unlikely to get a response till you demonstrate that you have tried.


For the record, I have no idea of the answers.

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