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  1. thanks. i commit an error mentioning the Lennon example, however i found almost 0 e-information on an Atheistic Conception of the Afterlife. Help me with this idea: I find no reason to think our science 'understand' what is the reality. Perhaps the reality in infinitely complex., or simply our senses too limited to decypher it. That notion of Infinite Complexity i add to the notion of Fatalism If our reality is uninteligible, a Borgian Labrynth, an absurdity, why we must expect the Afterlife will not be a continuation of it?... Isaac Asimov's interesting reflections about infinity & the afterlife:
  2. Hi. Exist any scientific approach to disentangle the possible inmortality of mind in an atheistic context? From a scientific point of view [only theoretically] is much more accesible to theorize about inmortality of mind [i.e. some computerized simulators pretend to 'reproduce' the personality of John Lennon - a sort o Madame Tussauds of A.I.-, etc] than to theorize on the ethereal, and extremely abstract concept of God.