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  1. I have thought about this alot and here are my thoughts on how it COULD be possible. 1st you would have to have a machine that whould scan all the atoms in your body in there EXACT arrangment in 3 dimensions. 2nd you would have to have a computer that has anough memory to remember what the first machine scaned and also create a virtual enviroment with a physics engine in all 4 demensions and all the things requard for a human to live (ex. oxygen) 3rd after steps 1 and 2 you would have an exact templet of yourself in this virtual land 4th you then would probibly wont a way so this templet could come back which would involve matter here are ideas for the 4th step 1st you can take matter, split the matter up into electrons and protons and rebuild the body using these electrons and protons or if you dont want a clone of yourself 2nd do idea 1 with your body as the matter after step 3