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  1. Maybe this question isn't touching directly the topic but it's about space flight and about a new generation of spacecraft Orion. It's been said that this spacecraft will give humans opportunity to explore space, where never been explored before. Is there anything basically new in design? Is it cheaper? What are its superiorities comparing to past spacecrafts
  2. Thank you for answer I don't know why the Doppler shift didn't come to my mind
  3. The dark matter concept arose when astronomers measured rotation speed of the galaxies and they deduced that there must be more matter than we can see. And then appeared solution Dark matter. I'm curious how they can measure the rotation speed of the galaxies since in terms of a human lifetime its rotation is very slow. For example our solar system completes its orbit every 225 million years or so. Our rotation speed (220 km/s I don't know how acurate is this data) is fast but Galaxies is very large and I cannot figure out how can you detect its rotation through telescope since you cannot see moving stars unless very close ones to the centre.
  4. What is it? any idea? Team spotted bright object on ground — possibly a piece of rover hardware photo hosting sites
  5. Does the exotic matter exist? or what it is? Source: http://news.yahoo.co...109.html?_esi=1
  6. NASA Rover Finds Old Streambed on Martian Surface http://www.nasa.gov/...sl20120927.htm l up pic
  7. I am interested if some hypothesis exist about global flood. even most immposibles Not in pseudoscience or among creationists, but in science.
  8. Is it possible that these waters once were on the surface? I mean not very distant past when the earth was very young and lifeless.
  9. That global flood was impossible to happen?
  10. Recently I discussed with one person about global flood, which occurred (according his claim) in the ancient world I refuse this event, I think it's nonsense and my general argument is that there's no even necessary amount of water to cover the entire surface of the earth. You need 3 times more water to cover entire land. Let's speculate that we don't know ancient environment and maybe once there was more water, then where all the rest of the water had gone? Is it possible that huge amount of water can disappear from the atmosphere? Or is it possible that the rest of the water could disappear beneath the earth? I'm curious if really exist any scientific hypothesis about global flood and how huge amount water can disappear somewhere else. thank you
  11. The low gravity of Mars is also the major problem Cause humans evolved in 1G Isn't it?
  12. First color panorama from Curiosity
  13. Congratulations!!! Great achievement New Discoveries await for us