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  1. Now a next minor upgrade of “The Information as Absolute” paper appeared - , V2. First of all that is the same as the V1, but with Russian translation: English version – pages 1-33, Russian one (Appendix) – pages 33-70. For those, who downloaded the paper earlier - the change is, in fact, the following passage: ----- It seems worthwhile to mention here an additional remark, relating to the Beginning. There are, in principle, no objections to suggest that at the Beginning Matter was firstly created as a huge number of so called hypothetical “Planck Т-particles”, i.e., the particles having masses that are equal to the Planck mass (near 1019 BeV). These particles contain and their algorithm works on the FLEs, which are absolutely symmetrical. Further interactions between these particles resulted in the appearance of observed now Matter. Such particles have at least two, possibly rather interesting, properties: (i) – since the particles interact with anything only by gravity force, they could be the particles, which have not interacted at the extremely hot Beginning totally, and so now can constitute, at least partially, so called “dark matter”, and (ii) – since for absolutely symmetrical algorithms it is impossible to choose a direction in the coordinate time, it is logically permissible to suggest, that they all move in the Matter’s spacetime in the positive temporal direction only. As that was pointed earlier, particles’ algorithms are some closed loop, and therefore all particles should have some inherent angular 4D momentum (what reveals probably as the spin in “usual” particles also), which is oriented specifically in the spacetime. So, if at Beginning only Planck mass particles were created, then in Matter there was no antimatter, when Its total angular 4D momentum, as a sum of PM-particles’ ones, was, let, “positively directed”. Further the conversation of this momentum could result in the absence of the antimatter, at least in the observed now part of Universe. _____ That seems as something that is rather fantastic, but, nonetheless, it is permissible. And it isn’t too more fantastic, then any other existent cosmological suggestion relating to the Beginning… Cheers
  2. As it seems, the discussion goes quite naturally– without some reasonable inferences. That is so since in reality only small part of discussions that are Metaphysical (Meta-biological, etc.) can have some reasonable, at least in a certain extent, sense outside the informational (“The Information as Absolute”) conception, where one can differ, e.g., at least the notions “Matter” and “Consciousness”, material and concise objects/phenomena. More – see the paper “The Information as Absolute” , at least the section 6.2. “Consciousness”, though it would be useful to read the paper as a whole. Now a little upgrade of this [earlier] paper appeared: Cheers
  3. SSDS’s thread “inform physics”, regrettably, was closed a couple days ago. So I re-post next time the post from this thread (SSDS post #24, Posted 7 June 2011 - 09:57 AM) Since – again regrettably - it is necessary to re-post it again (as the 'SSDS', on 09 Jun 2010 - 1:19 PM) now. So – some short version of the post: ******** 'SSDS', on 09 Jun 2010 - 1:19 PM, said: In June 2009 under some reasons I was forced to place in a number of forums a post “relating to well known "Many World" concept”. That remedied the situation on a some time (though with a non-virtual help of some specific service also), but now, as it seems, I’m forced to post this post again: ………. And, e.g., some people, who seems attempt to send me in some another World, well know that I never will appear in this case in this World in future. …….. Cheers
  4. -? That is possible, the informational (“The Information as Absolute conception”) conception (Meta-Physical) and the informational model (physical), which follows from the conception, indeed aren’t trivial. But in such a situation one – if (s)he wants to understand - should think enough; if there is a possibility – and here it is – should put corresponding questions. Though if the questions arise that means that something becomes be understandable. Besides for you it would be useful to read other arXiv papers that are pointed out in this thread, first of all (“Space and Time”) and (The Informational Conception and Basic Physics) But you write your posts too quickly… Cheers
  5. Again you write something that doesn’t relate to the tread’s topic. So – and that is possible my last post relating to your posts - I don’t discuss anything with trolls: - You a number of times wrote here about “peer review”, from what probably follows, that you know what that means. So, once again, I ask you to write here something like to a peer review of the paper “ To measure the absolute speed is possible?” that is attached PDF in the SSDS post # 60 22 November 2013 - 08:54 PM. If you aren’t capable to do so, I shall not continue this conversation. Cheers
  6. It seems that you don’t know well also – what is the scientific forum. On the forums members discuss not only “peer reviewed” papers – you can look through, for example, other threads on this forum’s page. Besides - here aren’t prohibitions on – what time a thread should exist. And, besides, you 3-th post already write something that by any means cannot be believed as something scientific. Would you be kind, for example, to write in this thread – what do you think about the paper “ To measure the absolute speed is possible?” that is attached PDF in the SSDS post # 60 22 November 2013 - 08:54 PM? That will be – I hope till now, though there are some doubts already, something scientific and what relates to the thread’s topic. If you cannot, then your posting seems as a trolling. Cheers
  7. To: All - last information relating to the thread’s topic – see the last SSDS post (3-th page), including, certainly, the attached PDF. It seems that you don’t know well – what is the arXiv. So see . As well for you seems be useful to re-read the SSDS post Yesterday, 04:10 AM once more. Cheers
  8. To: All - last information relating to the thread’s topic – see the last SSDS post (3-th page). There aren’t any publications either about the informational (“the Information as Absolute”) conception or about the informational model; all submissions were rejected by editors, without peer reviews. Including, for example, in a number of philosophical journals, though the papers “the Information as Absolute” and “Space and Time” are evidently new, actual and philosophical. So the authors are forced to walk through the Net scientific forums to info people about the conception and the model. On another hand – in the forums corresponding posts are often commented by some rather active forums’ members in a quite aggressive and senseless manner. It seems that the members of some journals editor boards are humans that are rather similar to those forums’ members. Besides – when I looked through my last post I see that the attached paper “Absolute_speed_measur.pdf” is downloaded only 1 time – when I checked the attachment. Somebody has a difficulties when attempts to download the paper or that the downloading counters is rather strange? Cheers
  9. Attached PDF is – how one can measure the absolute speed of a reference frame in the absolute spacetime – some more detailed consideration of section 2.2. in Cheers Absolute_speed_measur.pdf
  10. That is re-posting from an other forum (the blog about unifying of quantum mechanics and gravity) Some notions relating to the problem. (1) Space and time are some logical rules/possibilities, which determine – how the concrete informational system, Matter is constructed and how material objects must interact; space and time are absolute, including don’t depend on – what in Matter happens in any "time moment" and/ or in any "pace point". So neither space, nor time can be "quantized". (2) In contrast to the spacetime, motions or any interaction of material objects are "realizations" of a set of rules that control Matter when She changes, but there is fundamental obstacle for any changings, which was formulated by Zeno 2500 years ago in his aporias. "To solve" the aporias Matter was forced to do any changing as some quantized process, when the state of some object between in/out states becomes be uncertainty; what in physics was realized as QM. (3) Any force in Matter has a mediator, including that must be true for gravity force also. Since gravity and electricity are very like, it isn’t impossible that corresponding theory will have some traits analogous to the QE ones. Some (and seems as non-accidental) example of a similarity of gravity and electricity – see Cheers
  11. Some next re-posting from an other forum ________ How? Again, how? Nimit Let’s go from the end of your post. All “elementary” (don’t consider quarks here, that isn’t principal) are indeed clocks, i.e. some periodical processes. For photons that is well known; they are some clocks that run only in the space, with the speed of light and so are “massless”in the space, i.e. have zero “rest mass”. All “massive particles” at rest in the spacetime run only in the [“coordinate”] time, with the speed of light and so are “massless”, i.e. have zero “rest mass” when moving in the time direction. When, after obtaining of a spatial momentum, they move in the space also, they are the clocks also – that one can observe as the de Broglie waves (in other case Achilles never leave behind a turtle). And, again – since there is for every particle (atom, body, etc.) some fundamental cycle that determines the particles characteristics, and since at movement in the space the particles must spend some (roughly) cycles on the steps in the space - when the speed (i.e. steps’ rate) in the spacetime is always constant – the cycles’ rate in the time becomes be slowed. Or if a human makes from particles a clock with the points and clock-face, the points become go slower through the clock-face. Again, there is no so called “time dilation”, the time is absolute and any clock cannot to do with the time anything. Besides – if for a particle there is some probability of a “bug” at every time step, then, since the time steps’ rate is slower, the particle lives longer. No mysticism besides. Again – the slowing down of the speed in the time is the result of obtaining a speed in the space when some force impacted on the clock (particle, body, etc.), that is some “mechanism”. After the impacting is stopped, and the particle moves in the spacetime inertially, the (dilated) clock’s ticks rate remains be constant, i.e. that becomes be as “kinematical effect”. Again – more see the arXiv links above since the processes here are a little more complex, first of all – since in the reality there are (at least) two times. Cheers
  12. That is re-posting from an other forum (the blog about the crisis in physics) _______________ The crises in mainstream physics is evident – in last 30-40 years nothing essentially new ideas and results occurred. Including, for example, a “new result” – the explanation of the inertial mass nature in the Standard theory as it follows from a particle interactions with the Higgs field. It is evident, that until from a theory doesn’t follow the equivalence inertial and gravitational masses this theory cannot pretend on resolving of the mass problem. One of the brakes – till now all physics is based on the special and general relativity theories, which postulate that real (!) 4D spacetime is the Minkowski spacetime, though nobody observed till now some imaginary space or imaginary time; moreover – in mainstream physics till now there aren’t any constructive understandings in Meta-Physics – what is the space? And what is the time? When the situation in physics is such that without such a understanding nothing new can appear – all, what can be obtain in limits of existent paradigm, is obtained already (moreover – it is obtained erroneous and controversy things, at least the SR). So next physics will start first of all as some re-writing of mainstream physics from Minkowski spacetime to that indeed exists, namely – to 4D Euclidian one with two-faced time. Next – analysis of the results, when it seems as rather possible some new ideas will appear, including new understandings in QM and cosmology; it is possible that some new additional dimensions will be suggested and explored to study the interactions of our Matter and Her environment in the Set “Information”, where Matter is placed; etc. More – see “Space and Time” ( and “The Information as Absolute” ( Cheers
  13. The discussion “why Lamarckism was more consistent with socialism than Darwinism?” here evokes, for those who lived in the USSR, nothing else then a smile. There wasn’t, of course, so and Darwinism was “official” standard science that was learned in school; Lamarckism was considered first of all nothing else then as some base for religions in the atheistic country. But it would be incorrect to think that Marxism is correct when it is stated as the base of socialism / communism (or something else post-capitalistic), just because of it is the base of the main Marxism’s “historical materialism” dogma that “the human existence determinates the human’s consciousness”. So the main goal of Marxism’s doctrine is a realization of “the great principle” – “for everybody - every need, from everybody - what he can” (possibly in native English texts that sounds a little in other words). When just satisfaction of needs is the main goal of capitalism, and so the “real socialism” in full accordance with Marxism transformed eventually (and inevitably) in capitalism in former socialistic countries. So it turned out experimentally proven that in reality such approach is incorrect. To understand why it does so and what approach should be more correct is necessary to understand, that the humans’ evolution did not start at some mutation of some monkey and it will not end as the biological species “homo sapiens”. The evolution started at combining of some chemical substances into a cell and will continue as a coming of the human (more correct – human’s consciousness) out the subset “human’s Consciousness” to subsets “human’s Consciousness-1”, “human’s Consciousness-2”, etc. The “historical materialism” is true for the humans’ societies up to (including) capitalism only. Next (post-capitalistic) society will not be the society, where “the human existence determinates the human’s consciousness”, but there will be “the human’s consciousness determinates the human existence ”… More - see (paper “The Information as Absolute”) Cheers
  14. To state so is necessary to understand – what is the time? For that seems useful to read (for Matter in our Universe).Besides – if the continuum hypothesis is true, then the cardinalities of the continuum set and of the “discrete” power set of the natural numbers set, 2N, are equal, so the continuous and the discrete are in certain sense equivalent; so the time can be discrete (by some way) also. Cheers
  15. To answer on “How did everything really begin” is desirable to answer previously on: What is the everything? What is “begin”? And so – what is the “time”? In reality the everything is an absolutely infinite Set “Information”, which exists always, “in absolutely long time”; and where all has happened absolutely long time ago. If more specifically, our Universe exists and evolves in absolutely long time – as well as it has evolved absolutely long time ago. At that our Universe is only infinitesimal – though a huge enough for humans - (dynamical, evolving) informational subset of the Set; there are possible an infinite number of other “Universes” in the Set, which are some informational systems also, possibly with another – or the same - logical rules (Nature and society laws) that govern the evolution. There isn’t anything surprising in such a reality; including – in that all universes (an “non-universes”) very possibly interact by some ways. Our Universe consists of three main subsets “Matter”, “Alive” and (at least human’s) “Consciousness” – something like the human, which consists of material substances, some rules that make the substances “alive” and the human’s consciousness (the men was made “in the image and likeness of” -?). Since the cause and the way of Beginning, as well as all what will happen at the Evolution, was known “absolutely long time ago”, formally there isn’t a problem – how that was (is, will be); anything, including the fate of any human, every her/his thought was known and is now realizing as always existing scenario. Though it is interesting to attempt to know this scenario – thus the sciences exist… More see Cheers