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  1. Fall semester schedule 2017

    Does this schedule look booked? If I hold off and not take Organic Chemistry. I won't have another opportunity to take as I will begin my major classes. My advisor said I will start to take my major courses next fall. So Fall and Spring I'm taking the prerequisites which are Calc 2 and Physics 1 (Fall) Calc 3 and Physics 2 (Spring). Major: Meteorology and Minor: Chemistry AARH 208 Greek Archaeology Fall 2017 3.00 ACHM 220 Organic Chemistry I Fall 2017 3.00 ACHM 222 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I Fall 2017 1.00 AMAT 113 Calculus II Fall 2017 4.00 APHY 140 Physics I: Mechanics Fall 2017 3.00 APHY 145 Physics Lab I Fall 2017 1.00 Fall 2017
  2. Suggestions on a Scientific Calculator

    Thank guys! I will flip a coin when I get to the store
  3. Suggestions on a Scientific Calculator

    Hello Everyone, I'm about to transfer to University at Albany for FALL 2017. I'm a Meteorology Major and Chemistry Minor. I'm writing this because I want to know what's the best scientific calculator in the store right now. The calculators I'm looking at are TI- 36X Pro and Casio FX-115ESPLUS. Also FC-200V I was wondering if these are the strongest calculators in the market right now. I want one that can be good for my Calculus 2 and 3 classes. Also for Ordinary Differential Equations and possibly in the future Partial Differential Equations. Also, I'm taking Physics 1 next semester, any suggestions? Thank you