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  1. Hijack from Creative Clairvoyance

    if you hath thee a paradox, a thine dichotomy would be in thy heavenly will. And once in the 4th dimension of heaven. Only astute intellectual knowledge of anthropology will you be needing there, to transcend your inadequacies before the very eyes of god, who will have his chakra's open and be him open yours to the peace of heaven and the emphatic peace of god
  2. Ethics & Morals from a schizophrenic scientific mind

    well clearly humanity suffers from a collective amnesia problem if it need be that such an innate ability such as fairness equality and love have to be taught to us other then from our loving homes i am currently writing my book titled the art of absolute reality which is a song and dance around my theory of everything which i got to experience psychicly with my spirit guides that guided me to discover that 1+1=1 in the energetically linked eternal moment of now. and so you can see if we awaken the masses to the absolute reality and nature of things questions of morals and ethics do arise, and for the sharpest logic in me, i cannot believe it is a calling for a discourse into what is morals and ethics, so without asking the question, we need to rather then understand what is our purpose here on earth? for if it is to consciously create an enlightened planetary civilisation based on quantum mechanics and the perfect unity and total love of the perfection of our understanding of the unified plane of consciousness as the infinite completion of the total now as the eternal point of awareness in a holographic universe of energy light and information, then this is what i sense. if you consider it, schizophrenia is an ability, not disability, they are the shamans of the tribe, or as you have demonstrated, the kokopelitricksters pointing the way towards the frontier of consciousness away from the newtonian thinking mind of sin guilt and fear, and that the perfect oneness of life could be counted pass into 1+1=2 creating the delusion that there is more then one of us here and that the voices are many and make no sense when in actuality, there are only ever two voices in the world being that of love or fear, and that we need to overcome the dualistically geared fear mentality of separation from the creator and each other as a tiny mad idea of the belief in illusionary matter as a wish for the unreal to be true. just remember this next time you feel upset... We get angry because we think we are justified in our guilt we have for destroying heaven and perfect oneness, and so we think ideas leave their source, so we pray to the decision maker even though our dualistically geared ego body mind of a material world that never happened, to a body that doesn't exist, praying to a god that knows nothing about the real you, for you never left heaven in the perfect oneness and perfect love of the right mind that is the home of the holy spirit. you are on the right track, but that flat earth theory stuff is a bit out there, i mean why indulge in an idea that has no scientific grounds but only in speculation, from me to you, you would have more success proving higher dimensions and out of body experience with cobalt nano wires in the blood and an emf device.
  3. What is the point of existence of Art?

    Vernacular cant take you further then images, for all images hold shape and content, and all content holds shape of an image, and words or vernacular are extensions of the symbols of those images which create the mind, but the minds eye is what then? more then a pregnant thought? more then a birthing into the most lucid understanding of what is all but mere simplicities flow. All we can say is isness or flow and that words are not fragmented in time and space but are a whole body in heaven on earth
  4. Greetings and Salutations, I was wondering how accurate and complete you think my theory of everything is which i got to experience psychicly by expanding my aura to envelop all of the matter in the universe, which is true there is not much of it once you take out all of the space between the atoms, and then once i enveloped all of the matter in the universe i left my body and flew out into cosmic consciousness and opened my universal chakra and experienced universal bliss, and then began having psychic visions, and in that experience is the reality of my theory of everything, being: 1+1=1 in the energetically linked eternal moment of now. this toe is also the algorithm to everything and is also the algorithm to google search engine and so would you agree that my theory is the best explanation to the theory of everything, or can you tell me what it is lacking?