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  1. Air pump for experiment

    I just had an idea. Wouldn't an empty syringe do the trick?
  2. Air pump for experiment

    I dunno I was just concerned that the pump only worked as a component that needed to be attached to the aquarium.
  3. Air pump for experiment

    Yea the smaller ones are exactly what I'm looking for. Cheers. So basically I can activate these by pressing some button?
  4. Air pump for experiment

    I want to pump the air into a container and I'm thinking of putting it into a test tube. That looks that it could be kinda big, you sure you can't get something relatively simple from amazon or ebay? Well I'm from the UK and we obviously have wreckyards in the UK. Is there exact name for the component you're referirng to.?
  5. Air pump for experiment

    Hi, I'm trying to do an experiment for air which I can do at home. What I need is an air pump which can suck in air then expel it into something. I've been looking on amazon for air pumps but obviously just because it says it's an air pump doesn't mean it's going to do what I want. So do you guys know any air pumps that fit my specifications? I'm hoping to buy something really cheap, pretty small and easy to carry. Cheers