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  1. As an avid learner, I am always hungry for new knowledge. One area which interests me extremely is that of Physics. I have done intro-level physics on Khan Academy, but I want to get more advanced. I understand I will need knowledge, and potentially mastery, of Calculus, and as I am only in Pre-Calculus right now, I know I will have to learn Calculus before I am able to understand Physics better. I'm interested in mostly Theoretical Physics, especially in fields like Quantum, Particle, and Astro, and was wondering if anyone here knew if there is a path that I can take that would help me to understand and be able to participate in these sciences more. I don't mind reading textbooks or lengthy books on Physics and Calculus, and also love lectures and such, so there are no real bad options. I just want to be able to understand and learn more about the Theoretical Physics, as they interest me immensely. Thank you! -- I understand that there are a lot of fundamentals needed to be learned before Theoretical Physics can even be brought up and that this is like me asking you all to teach a baby how to run, so I am most definitely not afraid of learning how to crawl, waddle, walk, and jog first.