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  1. Yuri Miner clown

    Gravitational Waves = Last 27 orbits of merging blackholes that then disappear & eventually evaporate away. Established hide err most inaccessible places, deny genuine science & hence commit mass suicide of humanity. Death of all genuine effort, you sick twisted clowns.
  2. Most my kind worship womb

    Code Breakers relax from home U-Boats grounded Americans work far from home Russians law not binding
  3. Most my kind worship womb

    UK: Expedition days yester, now leak, reach be core codes. USA: Energy expeditions yester, reach be combined travel. Russia: Aliens Milkyway? Reach be take Ali plant feet core earth=Moon. Deutschland: Shell well engineered, jealous my detail pierces? Autobahn. Sorry, I prefer eccentric What brought those nations success & can't be matched by others My piece toward peace