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  1. 1,3-DCP

    Yes we tried vacumm distilation, it works, but it spends much time. And we tried resin, dcp decreased to 2000ppm from 10000ppm. But there is a problem that active matter decrease to.
  2. 1,3-DCP

    Desired product is chlorohydroxypropyl ammoniumchloride which is made by reaction epichlorohydrin and trimethylamine hydrochloride. 1,3-DCP is undesired byproduct. And to remove is dificult because its boiling point is 174C. I tried some resins to remove but it didnt work.
  3. 1,3-DCP

    Hi everyone. I have a problem and question for you. I'm working on some organic synthesis and end of the synthesis, I have undesired product which is 1,3-dichloropropanol. How can I remove this chemical. I have tried evaporation but this is not feasible because this need very much energy. If you help me, I will be pleasure