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  1. How would you know? Thought experiment

    well, speed is relative. And the question is not meaningless. It was a question that was asked a long time ago. And it was a question that had to be asked, or we would not be where we are today. Its all about the philosophy of physics.
  2. How would you know? Thought experiment

    Well, yes. Time will always have a direction from say a to b. But How would the time evolve in terms of how to measure it. Since there is no night and day, no moons. Would it be like how many steps you use from one end of the station to the other? ''Hey, lets meet up in 200 steps'' They will not know about seconds or hours. So the question is: How to make a device to measure time when you don't have anything to relate to? And what units would be the most logic to use? And I agree about the speed part:)
  3. If you are in empty space, nothing around. Just a waste space of nothingness. You could be traveling at the speed of light, casue you don't have anything relative to you. How would you know? If 1000 people without the knowledge of time or clocks ended up on, say a space station without anything relative to them, how would time look like to them? How would time evolve?
  4. High speed in Space?

    I didn't know of Ehrenfest Paradox. But thanks for the link. And It was mainly a thought experiment as this link refered to:) I should have specified that also. I know its not possible to reach the speed of light with bodies containied mass. Just wondered since according to special relativity times slows down near C or gets to a halt when reaching C. What would happen to the rod according to special relativity. But I guess it would be hard to find that out one way or another. And the speed should be exactly C. I used 300.000.000 to find the radius. Should have used 299792458
  5. High speed in Space?

    I was wondering about this: If you have a rod made of indestructible material. And you attach the one end to a motor and spin it. 1 sec per round. And you extend the rod so it reaches about 47.746.482m radius. What would happen to the rod? Ofc this contraption is in space