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  1. My idea is lighter stronger and does not utilize 3D printing I really need the number of a Automotive engineering development lab of some sort. I 'm not bullshitting here. For the sake of science can someone help? I need someone connected. Who the hell do I talk to? I also get that my claims are wild. But the technology utilized is already existing. One of you must know someone. Please ..I've called colleges no one will respond after lighter engine. They think it's bullshit. Funny I'm not bullshitting. Before you assume. I never got to the explaining my invention bit. No one gives a shit. I feel like l medieval scientists trying to explain the cell phone to someone who's never heard of running water let alone electricity. It's bloody Christmas. Someone show some good will and help me out. I'm not redesigning the car I developed a lighter engine. I will leave the rest to the car builders. I'm here to make a contribution to science. Over 80% Possibly 90% I don't need scepticism I need contact information . The more I answer questions the more chances of my ideas being stolen. The idea is brilliant. Just point me in the right direction for science.
  2. scientific community? Where's the community part?
  3. I'm from Canada. I will do some googling. On NDAS. Are there available experts in this field who I should contact directly.
  4. I need to figure out the largest possible size of the chamber. It's probably different per vehicle.
  5. It shaves off over 80% of the current weight. Very helpful. Where do I find a rock solid NDA? Could you elaborate on the mechanical college method? Thanks again.
  6. What is the average concussive yield of a basic combustion chamber in average car. The PSI of the explosion if you will. If the same amount of gas is applied what is the maximum possible size/ shape of the chamber in the engine? Thank you.
  7. Hello folks. I'm a 3D designer. And my father's a mechanic Simply I have an idea for a lighter engine. My Idea uses already available technologies. I want to talk to someone about creating this idea. At the same time. I don't know if it will work. But as far as I can tell the science is sound. How do I not get it stolen? Who should I contact? Thank you.