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  1. sum of the first m terms of n^3/2^n = ?

    fantastic ! impressive . huge THANK
  2. sum of the first m terms of n^3/2^n = ?

    sure but what if you were asked to derive f(m) from scratch ?
  3. sum of the first m terms of n^3/2^n = ?

    oh sure ! (n^3)/(2^n) n^3 a classic 2^n not to mention but combined ?
  4. acid reflux ?

    next week i should undergo endoscopy . yep pilori looms as a mighty candidate. and he sphincter ! otherwise my weight has been stable as an adult
  5. according to the source* , this expression f(m) is a fact one "notices" in order to get the value for m infinite ...... which is 26 ! * les math au carré , by Marie-France Palissard
  6. acid reflux ?

    ok thank you so much for your input . zero coughing, zero irritations just the onset of heartburn and the urge to let the gas out which entails very deep and relentless pig reminiscent belching. i dont drink with the meals. coffe seems to be a trigger , but somewhat dependent on stomach content.
  7. for decades i have been a victim of heatburn accompanied by severe belching (burping) after certain types of food's ingestion. what gas is created in the stomach and how ? obviously we are not looking at small intestine fauna fermenting fibre ..... my gratitude is ou there to the solver of a lifelong riddle
  8. sum of the first m terms of n^3/2^3 = ?

    sorry for an unforgivable typo !!!! n^3/2^n . but even this answer was helpful. sum of the powers must be the next power , seems logical , is there a proof ? fantastic , (n(n+1))^2 / 4 is a polynome of deg 4 indeed.
  9. from a high school level math book "les math au carré" by M-P. Falissard , page 133 n integer she uses the expression to deduce the limit of the sum as m approaches infinity (26) my gratitude to any solid help on this one !