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  1. What is the difference between the above lab and the lab show you below.
  2. Could you explain it in detail because I am a beginner, thanks
  3. No Point of intersection the curve of the equation does not touch the y axis Is it right? and the domain and range mean I need to consider lim?
  4. Teacher ask me finishing this lab in c programme so could you teach me how to achieve the above target in c programme, Please
  5. Should I find out f'(x) and then find the max. or min, value by f'(x)=0
  6. Could you write it in .c
  7. The same Sorry to disturb you
  8. Show you my result
  9. Error occurs when compiler
  10. Question : 1.How to solve this question (steps) 2.How to analyse this question Please help me it is emergency, I don't know how to analyse this problem.
  11. Thanks but it is not work You means #include<stdio.h> void getNumSum( float aSum ); int main() { float aSum; float data = 0.0; printf("Please input a float number: "); scanf("%f", &aSum); aSum += data; }
  12. a) Write a function, named getNumSum(), for accumulating(summing)float numbers: ->The function has no return value ->The function has 1 input argument named aSum: the current accumulative sum to be "updated" inside this function(Hint: use pass by reference) ->The function asks user for a float input, then updates the accumulative sum ->No code for input validation needed
  13. I will type it tomorrow .I need to sleep la 88888888..........................
  14. Sorry for the mistake and thank you for your reminding. Actually I have already finished the assignment .I am looking for answer checking. I am hardworking and want to get higher marks. Otherwise, I will not care what marks i will got. And I think the answers of the above question is short.
  15. Please help me solve the last question!! Thank you so much!!