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Best high school science courses for forensic science?


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In my school, in Grade 10 we get a course called 'Science 10'. It's basically having a taste of biology, chemistry and physics. Then the next year we can go into Bio 20, Chem 20 or Physics 20, then later to the 30 levels.


My question is, what is suggested I go into? I have an interest in forensic science and might possibly get a career in it for the future. Which one of these classes will benefit me the most?

Thank you!

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You appear to be saying that you can only select one of those three options. That seems very limiting. Assuming you can take two I would suggest Bio and Chem.


Caveat: I know next to nothing about forensic science, but a grounding in chemistry would certainly be essential and one cannot moelecular and cell biology without such a grounding.


Heads Up: like most work, forensics will contain large segments of tedious, mundane, repetitive analysis. It will be nothing like the TV renditions. However, like all work, it will also offer the opportunity to excel and enjoy.


Good luck.

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