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Is it true that humanity will end in the year 2100 ?

A for Alex

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I have read 2 articles on when humanity will end and they both said that humanity will end in the year 2100 .



I thought it was 2001. Or was it 2011. Or ...


If I had a dollar for every year the word was supposed to end, I would have several dollars.

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Ah, The Daily Fail, that great bastion of truth, decency and popular idiocy.


Presumably it is benefit scrounging illegal immigrants that will cause the world to end. Or women.


On the other hand, if they say the world will end in 2100 then we can be extra confident that it won't.

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Hey, don't knock The Daily Mail.

Where else would we get our updates of what Kim Kardashian is doing every minute of the day.


Top story of the BBC at the moment...who cares about Brexit, the Economy?


And by the way don't advertise to the Paris Gendarmes that you were tracking la Kardashian's movements

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Climate change, however, is unfortunately increasing the likelihood that these sandwich board carrying carnival barkers are going to someday be more accurate than not, but this thread is not about anthropogenic climate change

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According to Wikipedia's list of apocalyptic prophecies I have survived the end of the world at least 60 times. A few interesting predictions of the end of the world by (in)famous people;

pope Sylvester II-Jan 1, 1000

pope Innocent III-1284 (666 years after the establishment of Islam)

painter Sandro Botticelli-1504


Martin Luther-1600

Christopher Columbus-1656 or 1658

mathematician John Napier-1688 then 1700

Cotton Mather-1697 then 1716 then again in 1736

mathematician Jacob Bernoulli-Apr 5, 1719

Emanuel Swedenborg-1757

John Wesley-1836

Jeane Dixon-Feb 4, 1962 then 2020

Jim Jones-1967

Charles Manson-1969

Pat Robertson-1982 then Apr 29, 2007

Louis Farrakhan-1991

Harold Camping-Sep 6, 1994 then Sep 29, 1994 then Oct 2, 1994, then Mar 31, 1995, then May 21, 2011 and again on Oct 21, 2011

Nostradamus-July 1999

linguist Charles Berlitz-1999

Jerry Falwell-Jan1, 2000

Isaac Newton-2000 or 2060

Edgar Cayce-2000

Sun Myung Moon-2000

Grigori Rasputin-Aug 23, 2013

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