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Sriman Dutta

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Today we are living in a world where the buzz of modernization has led us to breathe polluted air in. I have written a poem (I do not claim it excellent, but have tried my level best) to spread awareness about prevention of pollution and saving our planet. original.gifbiggrin.gif

Save the Environment
How do you feel when your things are damaged
And your house is raided?
Then, why don't you understand
It's important to conserve the air, water and land.
They are your property in every way -
You use them everyday.
If you waste a liter of water each day
It will kill the fishes one day.
If you throw a plastic bag carelessly
It will destroy life too carelessly.
If you liberate smoke and toxic gases into the air
It will cause global warming. So take care.
Conserve your planet and your environment;
Play a part to protect the beauty of natural environment.
Let us take a pledge together -
A tree will be cut never;
Let us plant trees more and more
To save our life and the nature's core.
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In the middle of the desert, a top a cactus tower
Grows a bud, swelling larger, soon to be a flower

No one but me sees the beauty, of the desert tree
In the blistering sun, only i, foresee the fantasy

In the unforgiving heat, thunder heads spread and grow
Driving rain falls, a rare event, in this land i know

The tower of spines drinks, water stores have been low
Until it is heavy with liquid, should it dare to grow?

Later, when the sun has slid over the low desert hills
Only then does this giant show it's beautiful frills

The buds open, slowly one by one, fragrant and sweet
Growing heavy with nectar, calling night fliers to meet

Their leathery wings, flutter in the icy star light
Their tongues probe the blossoms sweet inner delight

Again and again, they visit, tongues lapping nectars sweet fire
The cactus stands immobile, unable to show its sated desire

When the sun rises on another day hot and much dryer
The cactus blooms enclose the gift, brought by the night flier

The fliers have delivered life, begun anew in the flower
The cactus has given its juices, pure and sweet, atop it's tower

Both have benefited from this exchange, mindless passions sated
Can anyone expect as much, from friends or lovers, we have mated?

Michael Hissom

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To be in error we fear.

The righteous we endear.

Aligned with truth and beauty we endure,

against the horrible and impure.


The world waits for our enlightenment...

Or do we wait, to be enlightened by her?

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I want a Hand
I want a hand that is not so deceptive as the weather;
I want a hand that is not so light like a feather;
I want a hand that is not as false as stairs of sand;
I want a hand that is not violent like a terrorist band.

I want a hand that is devoid of jealousy and cruelty;
I want a hand that is the true sign of love for humanity;
I want a hand that bears no greed;
I want a hand that supports me in my times of need.
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Scattered across the sky, points of light to the naked eye
Fiery orbs of red to blue, storms of violence unimagined to the mind
Magnetic flames caress companions held in gravity’s bond
Creating colors of heat-less flame in the sky

Curtains of light shimmer and race
Evidence of magnetic defense from the companion’s heart
Allowing a strange twist of entropy to multiply, exist and expand
Defiance! Of the law that binds time and space

Order and arrangement, chemical reactions grow more complex
In spite of the necessity to become simple and scattered
Things that move and should not exist,
Mostly their form is no more than specks

Competition spawns in entropy’s mirror
Cooperation magnifies the mirror’s effect
Forming masses of pulsating beings with no sense of time
Neoteny allows the young to steal from the old, that which is superior

Complexity drives the defiance of law
Soon awareness of surrounding space
Drives the increasing awareness of self and others
The more aware leads the less to their maw

While others escape to new spaces the aggressive can’t pursue
Other less mobile forms raise antennae to absorb
All the energy of the glowing light from the sky
Competition is fierce between the motile and those that look to the blue

Competition and cooperation step up the pace
What will grow, multiply, dominate, or die
Soon the liquid that dissolves the chemicals from others
No longer surrounds those that have moved to the surface

The surface is dry most of the time
Requires sex cells to become motile
When the rain comes, unknown and unseen, sex covers the wet earth
Sex cells swim up the trunks of trees allowing growth to dizzying heights

The ones that move will not be left behind in this assault on the land
Hatched in the water but able to walk and slither
Animals join the plants in conquest of the land
Eating not only the tall forms that feed on light but each other as well

Eons pass neoteny makes the grade again and again
Animals revert to their larval forms again to hasten change
Soon warm beings rule the cool dry land
First four legs then two strut out of the forest and across the land

On of these tall neotenic beings walks into the morning sun
His mate and child walk with him
Large brains, opposable thumbs, reach for the ground
Pulling up a flower yellow as the sun
The man holds the yellow sex organ of the plant and sees beauty

His mate smiles, they turn to continue on towards domination of the world
Edited by Moontanman
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Not a science poem, but here's one I wrote. It's called "Somber Life":


These days are dreary as the very worst I've known

Somber life, as if the faintest light not shone

Sidewalk pavement gray to match the cloudy sky

Paints of color only shows up black and white


Heart's without a bottom, so what comes of it?

Soul replaced with no more than an empty pit

A quiet solipsistic world to promenade

Make a move and never was there much ground made


Tired and sleepy, lie in bed and never move

Somber life, you live it, nothing much improves

Singing, laughing, meaning, don't the least come true

How can you love life when life does not love you?

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Poetry is the common art of thinkers.

I Am

I don’t know from whence I came,
nor how this Universe began.
I care not play the guessing game,
pretending wiser than, I am.

Some theorize it’s all just fate,
while others a divine plan.
But I am not convinced, at date,
that either way will stand.

I can’t say whether I’m heaven sent,
or a peg on the wheel of doom.
But I am certainly not an accident,
Nor will I live a life of gloom.


Wake up everyone and enjoy.


Gloomy clouds of desperation
billow through a bungled past.
Failed probabilities mangled
from a question left unasked.

Guilt straddles the back of heroes,
distraught over what might have been.
Anxiety contorts the soul,
what was, will never be again.

Hiding deep within the darkness,
cloaked with eons of denial.
A glimmer of serenity
whispers, madness is not final.

The grim prevailing ambiance
is not what it appears to be,
within it exists wisdom that
validates immortality.

What seems solid is but vapor
swirling about an Honesty.
A light long dimmed by fearfulness
and beaded with apostasy.

Press bravely through the inner mist.
Reclaim a wisdom known before.

Light of unconditional love,
resides within you ever more.




Edited by Goude
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