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Curious unproven integral formula

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Has there ever been a formal proof of the following formula?


[math]\sum_{n=0}^\infty {1\over (7n+1)^2}+{1\over (7n+2)^2}-{1\over (7n+3)^2}+{1\over (7n+4)^2}-{1\over (7n+5)^2}-{1\over (7n+6)^2} \stackrel{?}{=}{24\over 7\sqrt{7}}\int_{\pi/3}^{\pi/2} \! \log {|{\tan{t}+\sqrt{7}\over \tan{t}-\sqrt{7}}|} \mathrm{d}t \approx 1.15192[/math]


The most recent result I can find is from Bailey&Borwein (2005), who have shown that the identity holds to at least 20,000 decimal places. Yet, no proof that it is exact has been known at that time.

The Bailey&Borwein (2005) paper can be found here: http://crd-legacy.lbl.gov/~dhbailey/dhbpapers/math-future.pdf




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