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How the Universe Works: Non-Dual Monistic Idealism

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All my life I have been interested in the ontological basis of being and theodicy. I have created a ppt entitled "How the Universe Works" that uses Dr. Radins recent double-slit experiment with meditators to support the position that the universe is idealism, please view the video link in the ppt. I use idealism to explain theodicy - the ruthless, amoral, violent universe we live in. In addition, I propose a modernized Neoplatonic Cosmological Proof, not for "God," but for "dynamis" the quantum field of infinite potential as the non-personal basis of being. I would also like some feedback on my use of Whitehead, Berlin, etc., it has been a long time since I formally studied them.


Many of the slides have significant notes, to see the notes and slide animations view as a ppt on your local machine, not in the online mode: https://www.dropbox.com/s/814bbatg0fmarwv/How%20the%20Universe%20Works.pptx?dl=0

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