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Cold and flu.

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Is it possible to have more than one flu at once, or more than one cold, or a cold and a flu at the same time?


The reason I ask is because I came back from traveling recently with what I think is a cold ( although I don't recall ever having a flu in my life). Shortly after, (3 days), my 3 flatmates all got sick with the "flu", and one reckons his daughter previously had one, the other says his mate did.


One of them went to the doctor and he said it's the flu.


I'm also wondering if "man flu" is real. How does a GP know, apart from the level of complaining?


Am I safe or should I quarantine myself from these flu babies?


What medical tests are available to objectively measure if we have a cold or a flu?

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what does "man flu " mean ?

cold and flu both are contagious, of course that one person passes it to another is quite normal.


it is possible to get cold then flu afterwards from my experience.

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